Our first piece of writing in 3J

Hiccup the Hesitant

Hiccup the Hesitant was the son of Stoick the Vast.


When Hiccup laughed, flowers bloomed, rabbits hopped around him and dogs and cats came to be petted.


Apprehensive and joyful, pocket-sized and chubby, he had never been on a Viking ship.


Written wonderfully by a student in 3J

3J’s visit to the Bearwood allotments

This week, 3J visited the allotments. We wandered in the garden and had a look at how it had changed from the winter. We looked at the new fruits and vegetables which were growing and we also created our own natural art using natural objects found in the allotment garden.

We also had a tasting session where we were able to taste some mint leaves, chives and fennel.