Goal Scorers of the Week!

Once upon a time I was walking through the beautiful summer’s park. When I looked around the park the long thin grass had grown like curly sunflowers. The sun was beaming on the pavement trees and grass. Flowers blossomed using all their might to burst and feel the sun. I could hear the birds tweeting like they were singing a song. When I was in the play centre there was a strange statue. I never saw it before maybe it was just my imagination I wondered. It’s not like the statue is supposed to speak or something I wondered again. Suddenly it began to plead…

By Donella

As I walked around the antique museum I saw an old, rusty ancient statue glaring at me. Then I wandered around and saw sparkling glitter on the floor. I followed it until I came to some fairies that were looking at me until I was one of them.  Suddenly, I heard an enormous noise, it was the other statue that had a wheel in his hand and I got even more scared and my legs were shivering like jelly but then I heard some footsteps…….

By Alaiah

As I slowly walked into the glorious park I suddenly saw an enormous statue. Normally people get really excited when something new is in the park. Then I began to walk past the shiny statue, after I walked past the statue it had gone. I was searching for the statue. Suddenly I heard a nice, soft voice it said “I am behind you.”  Cautiously I turned around and shouted “go back on your stand!” because I didn’t want to get in trouble……

By Meshach




3K’s Top Goal Scorers!!

From out of nowhere I heard a voice bellowing “I have all the shadows I need!” One day I was walking and a giant lightening bolt grabbed me. Luckily I flew off and when I looked at my arms they were… BAT WINGS! I could not control myself and I flew into the headquarters. I was Super Cece!
“What happened? Where am I?” I shouted. A man dressed in black came up to me.
“You are in the SOS headquarters” he replied. “Use your powers.”
“What powers?” I said. I looked worried but he walked away. I unclenched my hand and when I turned my hand around slowly. When I did that the wall turned into ice! I walked up some more and saw a black screen. I touched it and…

By Serena 3K

Well it all started when I had a mysterious phone call…it was a private number. I was so terrified I picked it up and they said “come to the abandoned house” so I did. They gave me a potion, a potion that gave me the power. The power was to read people’s mind! I also took another potion that would make me fly.

By Khushi 3K