This work has been chosen as they have used colloquial talk to help the reader understand more about their character

Sixth Voice – Albert

I was so sad I couldn’t breath. I had not been to the park in almost three days! Dad was in bed. Then, all of a sudden I heard the sound of my lead. I ran so fast. Were we going to the park?

It was a busy day and a sunny day outside. I could hear cars beeping, it was loud on the main road. I was over the moon. I loved being outside. When I got to the park I could smell ice cream, I want ice cream!

In the distance, I saw a pup. I kinda wanted to introduce myself and have a chat so I did.

She was rude to begin with. Then, after a bit she changed she taught me how to sit. I wonder if she could swim?

“Do you wanna learn how to swim?”

Then I saw dad put his coat on. I think it was home time. I hope we come back to the park tomorrow. The walk home was nice everyone was in a great mood.

By Archie in 3J

3J’s Stop Frame Animation

This half term 3J have been busy creating their own stop frame animations using iMotion. In previous lessons 3J planned out their own stop frame animations in a story board. In their final lesson, they used their iPads to carefully create stop frame animations, paying attention to consistency.

Seven children were chosen due to their resilience and their hard work ethic!

Well done to you all!