A Bronze Age Non Chronological Report

Let’s Find Out About The Bronze Age


Thousands of years ago, people discovered a metal called bronze and people made weapons this was the Bronze Age.

Amazing Warriors 

The Bronze Age warriors were brave and caring. They had dogs to hunt down their dinner. However, today we have guide dogs for the blind.

Gorgeous Bronze Age Objects

In the Bronze Age, they used bronze to show they were rich. However, nowadays we wear gold rings to show we are wealthy.

Fun Fact 

The metal bronze was first invented in 4000BCE.

Did you know?

Only the important warriors were taken to battle in horse drawn chariots.

By Emmalie in 3J





A Bronze Age Non Chronological Report

The Brilliant Bronze Age 


The period of time from 3000BC to 800BC was known as the Bronze Age.

Warriors of the Bronze Age

Bronze Age warriors wore armour. They carried swords, spears and shields to protect themselves.

Fun Fact

The Yethaolm shield is named after a site in Scotland.

Did you know?

Bronze was made by heating tin and copper and mixing them together to make weapons.

By Chris in 3J



A Bronze Age Non Chronological Report

The Prehistoric Bronze Age 


The Bronze Age was discovered 4000 years ago.

Marvellous Bronze Age 

The Bronze Age people used armour to protect themselves.

Fun Fact 

Swords were used for throwing at people during battels.

Did you know?

Bronze was a hard metal and bronze was for rich people.

By Michelle in 3J



Newspaper Report

This news report has been chosen for great use of fronted adverbials!


Yesterday morning, a young girl from Cardinal Close was left stunned after a surprising experience with Mr. H.Wolf.

Red, from Cardinal Close, was shaking after her nanny was eaten alive by Mr.H.Wolf. Now, mum is reassuring her and feeding Red her favourite cookies.

Yesterday morning, Little Red just wanted to surprise her nanny and give her a bunch of fresh cakes. However, when she arrived she met a weird wolf in nanny’s clothes. Luckily, the local gardener saved her!

Later that day, a new reporter caught up with the hero. “I was just pulling out the weeds in the woods and I heard a dreadful scream, so I saved the day!” said the local gardener, happily.

Finally, if you have any extra information you should call 07744555 Thank you.

By Avaani

Class 3J