Newspaper Report

This news report has been chosen for great use of fronted adverbials!


Yesterday morning, a young girl from Cardinal Close was left stunned after a surprising experience with Mr. H.Wolf.

Red, from Cardinal Close, was shaking after her nanny was eaten alive by Mr.H.Wolf. Now, mum is reassuring her and feeding Red her favourite cookies.

Yesterday morning, Little Red just wanted to surprise her nanny and give her a bunch of fresh cakes. However, when she arrived she met a weird wolf in nanny’s clothes. Luckily, the local gardener saved her!

Later that day, a new reporter caught up with the hero. “I was just pulling out the weeds in the woods and I heard a dreadful scream, so I saved the day!” said the local gardener, happily.

Finally, if you have any extra information you should call 07744555 Thank you.

By Avaani

Class 3J

Beowulf the Brave

This work was chosen because it gave Miss Jones goose bumps!

I could see sparks from the fire flickering in the pitch black sky. I could feel the cold breeze on my skin. I was roasting delicious, white marshmallows on the fire. After, my friend ate his marshmallows, he started to feel dozy. How long would it be until sunset?

When the bright sun started to fade away, it slinked through the ghastly sky, slid through the wet willow tunnel and it dashed through the squelchy, brown mud to where my tent lay.

I could hear howling in the distance it was getting closer towards me. Was that just me or was that a real wolf? My legs froze. I was hyperventilating. IT WAS A WEREWOLF! Its teeth were as sharp as a dagger and blood was dripping from his mouth.

By Bikramjeet

Class 3J