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Egypt is a large country in northern Africa.

In Egypt there are lots of food, like fish, lamb and chicken but you must read on to  find out more.


Beautiful Beachers

Without a doubt, don’t leave without visiting the beachers.  The beachers are simply beautiful. The famous Red Sea is great to swim in.  Are you a diver? You can even dive and swim with colourful fish in Egypt’s Red Sea. Come and visit Egypt today!


Excellent Food

Egypt has everything you need to make your mouth drool. There is green soup made with various spices. There are fried round meat balls made of ground meat.

If you want more information, visit Egypt!


Written by Gavini 3J

Persuasive Writing

Epic Egypt 

Egypt is located in North Africa. It is an ancient place with lots to see and do. Would you want to miss the experience of a lifetime? (I wouldn’t).

Places to Visit

In Egypt there are lots of fun, relaxing and magnificent things to do. Here are some of the amazing things. Like hiking on the fabulous Mount Sinai. You will be able to see lots of fascinating things. Go on a peaceful boat ride on the River Nile. Its the longest in the world. You could even visit the old pyramid of Giza where you will see lots of mummies.


Without a doubt, the food in Egypt is amazing. You could try the tasty Kosahri, a mouth watering mix of rice, macaroni, onions and spicy tomato sauce, all in one big bowl. Maybe have a yummy kebab with lamb or minced meat on a sharp skewer. After your main meal you must try a treat. Why not the heavenly baklava, it’s a nut filled pastry topped with a blob of syrup. What are you waiting for? Book it on


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Persuasive Writing

Exotic Egypt


Egypt is located in North Africa. It is an outstanding place with lots to see and do. Without a doubt, you must not miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Places to Explore

Come and visit the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza. It goes without saying, you can gaze in wonder at the remarkable Mount Sinai. Please come to see Whale Valley, where your dreams can come true. I’m sure you will agree to spend a week on the sun drenched beach in Sharm- El Sheik. You must come to see some breath-taking views that are so, so, beautiful and you’ve never seen before.



It goes without saying, gaze in wonder at the eye-opening Halwa- it is a type of pudding, which is delicious. I’m sure you will agree to taste the breath-taking and moreish Shawarma- it is a yummylicious and scrumptious kebab wrapped in a flat bread. Without a doubt, please taste and enjoy the mouth-watering Fateh – it is made with succulent meat and toasted pitta bread. Come and enjoy the incredible and heavenly Kashari- it is made with a mix of rice, onions, macaroni and spicy tomato sauce.

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