Our independent write

In 3J this week, our independent write was based on our own Viking. We used a rule of 3 sentence, a pair of adjectives and exaggeration in our writing. Can you spot these in my writing.


Leif the Cosmic

Bjorn’s son was Leif the Cosmic.


When Leif ran, monsters came, people ran away and rocks broke.


Brave and brutal, he had never lost a battle in his whole life.


Written by a student in 3J

Our first piece of writing in 3J

Hiccup the Hesitant

Hiccup the Hesitant was the son of Stoick the Vast.


When Hiccup laughed, flowers bloomed, rabbits hopped around him and dogs and cats came to be petted.


Apprehensive and joyful, pocket-sized and chubby, he had never been on a Viking ship.


Written wonderfully by a student in 3J