Our Visit to the Gurdwara.

Today we visited the fabulous and fantastic Gurdwara. When we went inside we had to be very respectful as it’s a place where people come and pray. We even went into the prayer room and a man was reading from the “Holy Book”. Then we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to the top of the Dome and a lady was reading from the “Holy Book”. The decorations inside were absolutely beautiful the lights were bright and there were shimmering gold and diamonds everywhere. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures from the Gurdwara. We all really enjoyed the visit and have learnt so much today.

My letter by Serena

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Mike Kapinsky and I work at the Natural History Museum as a night guard. I am writing to you because I think your company is terrible.  You  might not have known this but I have worked here for over 25 years. I  don’t want to work here anymore because I have a family to look after.   When I walk in I am so petrified  that my legs feel like jelly.  Secretly, things in the Museum  are coming to life!  I saw these things coming alive; cowboys  galloping around, mummies awakening (this was really terrifying!) There were monkeys that looked cuddly until they bit  your nose. This happens every night and I can’t  take it  anymore.  In another room there are crazy people  who catch you, also there is a whale that jumps out at you  when you open the door. Trust me, if you get another night guard, he will run away too.

I have had enough of this place, I have to leave NOW!

Yours Sincerely,


Museum Letter. By Khuzaimah.

Dear Mr Howard,
I am writing to you because of that old, filthy museum. Did you know what happened to me? These tiny little people tied me up on a skeleton. After that they dipped me in a hippo’s bath!
Next I kept my eye on those cave men but… they came alive.
Weirdly they spoke like this “flappy, pappy, tatty, papply”! Then they cried and gave me a cuddle for no reason.
Lastly I heard a little, young dinosaur chasing me then he smacked me on the face. Sorry I am going to quit. This is my last letter to you.
Yours sincerely

I hope you enjoy reading this letter. Please give me some feedback on my letter. Thank you very much.

Question Chain

Question Chain works by the teacher setting a question then a pupil answers the question.  When the question is answered the same pupil poses another question. This continues  until someone breaks the chain by asking the same question.  The theme of the questions is  ‘A Night at the Museum.’

My question is: in what museum is ‘A Night in the  Museum’ filmed?



Thinking Skills

Everyday during the holidays we are going to set you a little thinking task.

This tree is over 200 years old!

What has it seen happen in its life?

Ask your family for ideas and events that may have happened!

Leave your ideas in the comment section.

Our how to be a good friend posters. By Year 3.

This week at school it is “No Name Calling Week”. Our class teacher asked us to design some posters that we can put in our classroom. We hope you like our posters, we spent a lot of time thinking carefully about what to put in them. We are friends with everybody in our school and we hope that our posters remind you to be kind to everyone.