Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

Today we all had a fabulous time at the Ancient Egyptian Exhibition. Our favourite part was getting to show everybody else all of the fantastic work that we have been doing this half term.

Please let us know which part you enjoyed most or what you learnt during the exhibition.

Thank you to everybody who took part today and for all of the parents who came to visit.

Miss Kirkham and Miss Smith.

My letter about the Gurdwara

Dear Indie,
My name is Khushimran and yesterday I visited the Gurdwara. I just wanted to thank you for taking us all over to the Gurdwara. Can I tell you something? Did you know that when you go to the Gurdwara you can worship your family?
My favourite part was when I went to the dome, because when I saw that crystal I was captivated. I was so shocked when I saw the crystal. I liked going in the prayer room. I had the purshaad and it tasted delicious. It was all beautiful. By the way can I ask you something if you do not mind? How many people live in the Gurdwara?
Yours Sincerely,

Facts about Ancient Egypt from Aleena

Did you know that in Egypt  hieroglyphics were used as writing?

Did you know that treasure was buried with the Pharaohs?

Did you know that King Khufu made the biggest pyramid?

Did you know that they made mummies so they don’t rot?

Did you  know that there are lots of chambers inside a pyramid?

Handwriting in Guided Reading by Ikya!

Today we did Guided Reading.  It was really fun because  we did handwriting.  We had to do cc  join. It is important to control my fingers  so I can do really neat joined up handwriting. When I did  cg  join it was a little bit easy for me because I was good  at the cc join. My favourite join is  cdg.Handwriting is really good because everyone needs to write neatly in order for our teachers to read it.

Guided Reading is fantastic because we get to practise our handwriting, read books, play in the role play and answer questions about books.

Please comment thank you.

Our Recipe for Pirate Pie! By Mya and Shiren.

In Guided Reading this week we have been reading “Pirate Party”. We were asked to create a new recipe for Pirate Pie. We hope you like our recipe.

We would put the following ingredients into our pie:-

Three eyes, twenty ants, ten stinky socks, pirate faces, an Egyptian scarab beetle, spiders, rotten mouldy bread and pepper!

Please give us some feedback on our tasty pie. Thank you.