Tuesday 26th February

In topic we found out about our new topic called Night at the museum. Someone found a box and gave it to us. We are starting to find out about Ancient Egyptians.


In Literacy we went to Egypt and I saw dusty pyramids. Then I saw a large building and after I saw some green bushes. We also went down the river Nile.


In numeracy I partitioned numbers and took them away. On the other tables they did the column method and used the numberline.


Fruit tasting.

In Literacy we have been learning about shape poems, today we tried some African fruits because we have been learning about Africa in topic.

We then generated adjectives to describe the fruits taste, appearance and texture. Tomorrow we will be making our shape poems.

The Big Fight! By Oliver.

First I got a normal size cereal box (make sure its red) and I cut down one edge then I cut the flaps of the cereal box off. After you can use the flaps that you cut off to make some 3d fire. Then I coloured the ground green (you may want to use green tissue paper). Then I put patches of brown mud on it, I also made cracks by getting a black marker pen and drawing these on. After I had drawn my dragon with 3 heads and my monster I then stuck them down onto the model and drew some trees. Then I put a fireball next to my monster so it looks like my monster is shooting a fireball. I drew a little ant on the base of my battle saying “arggghhhh”.

My 3d model by Mohsin Khan

My 3-D Project


My story is set in Lego Jedi’s castle.

I have created a 3-D model to represent my story setting.

I used polystyrene, cardboard, paint and crystals to produce my project.       .

Polystyrene is normally used for packaging and insulating; it is a synthetic thermal plastic material.                                                                                          

Cardboard is normally used for boxes and signs; it’s a stiff thin board made from paper pulp.

I created the crystal by conducting the following two experiments.

My Experiment : Create  Crystals

You will need :

  • Table Salt
  • Epsom Salt
  • Water
  • 2  Glass Beakers
  • 4 Petri Dishes


  1. Half fill two beakers with warm water.
  2. Add four teaspoons of table salt to one beaker.
  3. Add four teaspoons of Epsom Salt to the other beaker.
  4. Stir the water so that the salt dissolves.
  5. Add a few drops of food colouring for fun.
  6. Pour a little table salt solution into two petri dishes.
  7. Leave one petri dish in the fridge; examine the crystals after an hour.

            (It might take more than three days for the crystals to form.)

  1. Put the other petri dish in the oven for 15 minutes at 150′ C.
  2. Repeat the process for the Epsom salt solution.


Table salts crystals look like cubes; they are called cubic crystals. They have straight edges and flat faces.

Epsom salt crystals are needle shaped, however like cubic crystals they have straight edges and flat faces.

My setting

If you want to make a setting like mine you will need:

  •  3 Toilet roles
  • Marker (permanent)
  • Green sowing material
  • Green, Black and White card
  • Shoe box
  • Plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • selotape



For my home work I was asked to make a setting and I made it of a waterfall it was really fun and exciting to make and it turned out really good so I brought it in to show the whole class they also said it was really good it looked realistic to me and the class and I used some


  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard
  • Coy lord purer
  • Sponge for the sky behind the mountains that I made.
  • I used real sticks from outside for the trees In my background.