When 3J met Professor McGinty

Professor McGinty told 3J tales of his travels to Ancient Egypt. We got the opportunity to look at and touch, some of the amazing artefacts he had brought back with him from Ancient Egypt. Our favourite was the mummy. What’s yours?

Ianis even got to dress up as a pharaoh!


Voices in the Park

Fifth Voice – Victoria

It was a gloomy day I felt really bored and tired in the same old house. Then my owner called my name and I was ecstatic until I noticed I was going to the same park, for the hundredth time! On the way to the park, it was silent. This place never changes and Charles looked bored out of his mind.

“What on earth are you doing you scruffy dog!” I ran off but it wouldn’t strop chasing me everywhere I went. But then I felt a new feeling I hadn’t felt in ages at it was fun. It looked like Charles was having fun with a new friend too.

After we had fun, I taught him how to sit.

My mom called me. I had to go. I was upset. I hope he’s there next time.

Ethan 3M