Trolls in peril!

Trolls in peril!

Once, in a tiny village, there lived two tall trolls, they were loving and kind. They were called Hailey and Bailey. They could do almost everything but they could not go in the sunlight or they would instantly turn into a waterfall.


One nasty night, when almost everyone was asleep, they were playing monopoly. Above them, they could see the dark, blue sky. Below them, they could see the sparkling, crystal clear stream.


Midway through their monopoly match, they saw masses of hikers drowning in the freezing cold stream. But Bailey and Hailey knew they should help. Unfortunately, there were crocodiles!


At the speed of light, Hailey and Bailey attempted to save them and fortunately they managed to! Hailey told the hikers to not go hiking at night. And Bailey was helping the other hiker dress their wound, not knowing time was ticking… But the twins helped the hikers to make a new map.


In an instant, the morning sun rose in the blue sky. The trolls had teary eyes as soon as they saw it.  Unfortunately they instantly turned into a waterfall, as the hikers watched with fear in their eyes.


An amazing warning story by Stephanie in 3J

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