We have been researching and learning all about Indian food, we found out lots of new facts.
Sweet food facts

  • Galbi
  • Jalebi
  •  Prota
  • Falooda

The most popular sweet food is prota.

The least popular sweet food is Galbi

Aminah and Devinder.


Ukulele lessons!

In ukulele we are learning to play Beethoven Ode to joy, we are very good at it already. Also we are learning to sing summertime the one which goes ‘ ‘summertime and the living is easy fish are jumping and the cotton is high.’;
We are also learning to sing the song happy. Now we very good at singing and also playing the ukulele.

By Elizabeth Van Souwe.

3m Samosas

In Literacy we have been following instructions to make samosas and it was great fun. First we had to read through the instructions and check we had the right ingredients and equipment.

Then we made the dough by mixing the flour and water until it turned into a ball of dough that wasn’t sticky. Next we rolled the dough into a rectangle shape and placed potato, onion, chilli and coriander into the corner. After this we folded the corner over into a triangle shape making sure we covered all the ingredients, we cut the sides so they were even. Lastly we put oil over the samosa and put it into the oven.

By Amarveer.


Poem of the week by 3M.

Today we started to learn the poem of the week called October. We broke the poem into verses so we could learn the poem easier instead of one whole poem. The verse was only four lines long, so it was easier to memorise and also it didn’t rhyme. I think Rosen did very well learning the first verse of the poem October. What do you think?

By Elizabeth.


Last week we visited the Gurdwara. We went into the prayer room and saw the beautiful decorations. After a while we went up lots of stairs to the dome it was so sparkly.
A lady gave us lots of information on the Sikh faith. I enjoyed the morning at the Gurdwara.



Our visit to the Gurdwara.

Yesterday we came to school very excited as we were going to visit the Gurdwara. When we arrived there we were met by our guide who was going to show us all around.

First of all we covered our heads then we walked quietly through the Gurdwara. We sat in the langar where there was lots of tables and chairs, our guide told us lots of facts about the Gurdwara and the Sikh faith.

Then we took our shoes off and washed our hands and walked to the prayer hall, we saw lots of gold and it was beautifully decorated. Some of the class tried some brashad.

My favourite part of the trip was going to the come at the top of the Gurdwara, it was gold and sparkly with lots of diamonds. I thought this was amazing I was shocked.

By Uthman.


Fruit tasting.

Today was really exciting because in Literacy we got to taste different fruits that come from India. We tried kiwi fruit, pomegranate, mango, lychee and Sharon fruit.

Some of the fruits we had seen and tasted before but some of them were new to us. We shared and described how these looked and tasted with our group.

Finally we all chose our favourite fruit and used all the adjectives to make our own shape poem. This was an exciting lesson.
By Rayhan.