Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week in literacy we have been retelling the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff . In 3D we retold the story using Puppets.  They  had seven minutes  to make  our Puppets. They  used different  types of materials  to make the setting for  retelling of the story. The following day we  had to learn all of our lines ready for filming. Whilst in 3S they acted out the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Here are  our films









What do you think?


Next week in Numeracy we are looking at fractions. What vocabulary do you know that is associated with fractions? Over the weekend make a poster of all the things you know about fractions. Here are some  websites to practise and develop your knowledge.

Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commencing 29.11.2010

Literacy – Next week we are continuing with using dialogue in stories.  Remember dialogue is a posh way of saying speech.  This weekend look through some of your books and practise your character and narrator voices.  Look at how the Author is using  punctuation to show speech.

Phonics– Read this week’s phonics book.  Can you read and write all the red and green words?

Did you manage to read three times last week and write it in your blue reading diary?    Bring it in on Friday to share with us.

Keep learning your spellings out of your spelling logs.  Can you get someone to test you at home?

Numeracy – In Numeracy next week we are going to be learning about fractions.  Have a look around this weekend can you see any fractions anywhere? Bring in some examples of fractions and find out what a fraction is…Keep practising dividing on a number line.

This weekend challenge yourself to solving lots of different questions like 12 x 2=   24 + 28 =   

34 – 19 =  and 48 ÷ 6 =   Get someone to write you lots of different questions to solve

Years 3 are now officially movie makers!  Next week you are going to be preparing to make your own Bollywood film in groups.   Have you thought about your props, sets, actions, dance and song ideas? Watch a movie this weekend look at how the actors talk and look.  How do they use their faces and body to show their emotions? What is happening in the background and is this important? Be ready to share ideas with your group on Monday.

Talk Homework 26.11.10

Your story boards of Jack and The Beanstalk was so amazing that we thought that we would let you write your very own version of the fairytale in Writers’ Workshop this week!

Here is an opening to get you started. Tomorrow you will be finishing this version of  Jack and the Beanstalk.

Once upon a time, there was a small boy called Jack who lived with his mum in a small house on a normal street. One day, Jack’s mother cried,

 “Jack! I am old and hungry. Please go to the supermarket with our last five pounds and get us some food.”

 “Alright!” grumbled Jack.

Slowly, Jack got on his scooter and zoomed off to the supermarket.  On his way, he stopped by the huge toy shop and gazed into the window. The toy he wanted more than anything, a shiny, silver robot called Whizz was staring back at him. He looked down at the five pound note. If he used his mum’s money he could just afford it………

What happens next? Does Jack spend his mum’s money? How does the beanstalk appear?

Make sure you tell somebody at home your exciting story ideas! 

Dr Knickerbocker song

I found the ‘Dr Knickerbocker’ song whilst searching the internet for something else. I had to download and share it because I know that it is one of our favourite songs to sing in Ukulele. Hope you enjoy!

Can anyone remember why this song helps with playing the Ukulele?


This week in Numeracy we are looking at division. What vocabulary do you know about that is associated with division?

Here are some websites to practise and develop your skills.

Remember division is the inverse operation of  multiplication!