3J’s Summer Music Concert

Thank you to all parents and family members for attending our summer concert where we showcased our talent from our music lessons this year. We showed how confident we have become in using the recorder playing the octave, notes from high C to low C. We also sang some songs for you all.
What did you enjoy the most?
Which song was your favourite?

Here are some pictures for you from our amazing performance.





An independent non-chronological report about mermaids

A mermaid’s dark side

Most people think that mermaid’s are charming and attractive but people are completely wrong, mermaids are foul creatures! I will walk you through the truth about mermaids.


What do mermaid’s look like?

They have long hair, human-like facial features and sometimes possess scales or fins on their lower body. They look beautiful and elegant but they can have a really evil side to them.


Where does a mermaid live? 

Most mermaids live in an underwater kingdom in the depths of the ocean. The immoral mermaids live in the depths of the vast sea with sharks and crabs.


What do mermaid’s eat?

The only access that mermaids have to underwater sea creatures would be shellfish because fish is full of protein. Salmon is another very good example of this. Some other great examples are lobster, clams, mussels and shrimp.


Did you know fact

The first known record of a mermaid comes from Syria.


A fabulous independent non chronological report by Ismail


Independent non-chronological report

Secrets about mermaids

Most experts believe that mermaids are charming, gorgeous and pleasant. However, they are wrong! Read on to find out the truth about mermaids.


What do mermaids look like?

Some mermaids have skin as pale as snow and they have long hair. Mermaids have human-like facial features. Sometimes, evil mermaids called sirens kill people for food.


Where does a mermaid live?

Mermaids live with other creatures in the sea, they don’t have a home. Evil mermaids live in an underground hole filled with water.


A mermaid’s diet

Interestingly, most mermaid’s eat shellfish, tuna and seaweed. For lunch, they eat sardines and flying fishes because it makes their tail grow stronger.


Did you know?

Amazingly, mermaid’s live for 300 years.


An amazing independent report by Lilly

A non-chronological report about fairies.. read on to find out more

The Unknown Secrets about Fairies!

A large amount of people, suspect that fairies are charming, affectionate and thoughtful. However, they are mistaken. Read on to learn and discover the evil side of fairies.


What do fairies look like?

Most fairies have pale, crystalline skin, big bright eyes and delicate slender bodies. They look kind but they have a hard, dark heart. Lots of fairies have shiny, magical wings. Interestingly, evil fairies have ripped, scraggy wings that are dark but some evil fairies have no wings at all. Nobody knows why!


Where do fairies live?

Fairies practically live anywhere they fancy. However, bad fairies live in a dark, abandoned house far away from humans. Kind fairies live in underground kingdoms or in woodland communities. Traditionally, fairies can live in your house… make sure you check in your house, there might be a bad fairy living with you and your family!


What do fairies eat?

Fairies drink sweet, maple syrup, candy and enjoy homemade lemon, mint tea. They eat flower buds, big nuts and honey cakes. Surprisingly, horrible fairies drink human blood and eat human’s baby teeth because it gives them dark powers. Kind fairies eat sweets and yummy carrot cake for desserts.


Did You Know?

Amazingly, fairies dislike salt because it can be used as a deliberate defence against them, or it can unwittingly prevent them from handling human goods. Fairies hate lemons because they are sour, but mean fairies love lemons because it makes their powers grow stronger!


An amazingly interesting non chronological report by Hafsah in 3J

Trolls in peril!

Trolls in peril!

Once, in a tiny village, there lived two tall trolls, they were loving and kind. They were called Hailey and Bailey. They could do almost everything but they could not go in the sunlight or they would instantly turn into a waterfall.


One nasty night, when almost everyone was asleep, they were playing monopoly. Above them, they could see the dark, blue sky. Below them, they could see the sparkling, crystal clear stream.


Midway through their monopoly match, they saw masses of hikers drowning in the freezing cold stream. But Bailey and Hailey knew they should help. Unfortunately, there were crocodiles!


At the speed of light, Hailey and Bailey attempted to save them and fortunately they managed to! Hailey told the hikers to not go hiking at night. And Bailey was helping the other hiker dress their wound, not knowing time was ticking… But the twins helped the hikers to make a new map.


In an instant, the morning sun rose in the blue sky. The trolls had teary eyes as soon as they saw it.  Unfortunately they instantly turned into a waterfall, as the hikers watched with fear in their eyes.


An amazing warning story by Stephanie in 3J

The Emotional Trolls

The emotional trolls

On a cliff surrounded by mountains that were impossible to climb, there lived two trolls called Ccat and Ddog. They were warm hearted. They were sad only because they would turn to a waterfall if they saw the sunlight.


Under the windy breeze, they were playing horror games. The heavy clouds faded away, lightning struck from the sky.


Ccat and Ddog saw a group of sailors, they were going to crash into the mountain which was their home. Then BAM BAM BAM! Tears swept over Ccat and Ddog.

They ran like a flash! Ccat and Ddog had worked together. Ccat pounced and Ddog swam under the boat to make it steady for Ccat to save them. They did it! But time was ticking.


Then the sun replaced the moon. Oh no aaaaaargh they cried. Then instead of stone, their cries turned them into a waterfall. The first ever waterfall…


A warning story written by Arthur

The Protective Trolls

The protective trolls

Once upon a time, there lived two trolls. They lived near a cave in Iceland. Their names were Freddy and Chicka. They were soft hearted and loving. They had  a warning, not to go into the sunlight or they would turn into the tallest rock in the world.


One windy night, Freddy and Chicka were having a midnight snack. In the sky, the dancing hail hung in a cloud above their head and below them the ground was covered in frost and glinted dangerously.


In the distance, Freddy and Chicka saw a group of walkers busy on their phones and walking the wrong way, they were going to fall down a cliff.  They both decided to go and help the walkers.


Speedily, Freddy and Chicka ran to the cliff to save the walkers. Freddy and Chicka gave the walkers a map to look for their car. Time was fleeting. After some time, they saved the day like superheroes.


The moon was wearing down and the sun replaced it. Without notice, the sun climbed into the sky and started to glimmer. They were so angry that they ran out of time. Their bodies stiffened up and a rock started to grow out of their mouths like a baby. They turned into the tallest rocks in the world.


A  beautiful piece pf writing by Miran

A warning story

A descriptive setting paragraph from Leah in 3J


One night, when the stars filled the sky, Poppy and Lavindar were throwing sweets into their mouths while playing monopoly deal. Above them, they could see the grey clouds that were unleashing their heavy load with drops equivalent to bullets. They fell to the ground like melting chips of ice. Underneath them, the ground was damp, like a muddy, mossy soup.