3J’s Oscillating Mechanism

This half term year 3 have been looking at Levers and Linkages in D&T. We made an oscillating mechanism which had a lever and an output. Our output moved from side to side. The output was a hybrid mythical creature inspired from the Egyptian myth Theseus and the Minotaur. We designed the output to help King Minos because he had lost the Minotaur from the labyrinth. We had lots of fun creating the mechanism even though it was a little bit tricky! We even got to design the background for the monster.


Professor McGinty visited year 3

Yesterday we got to meet the amazing and funny Professor McGinty. He is a time traveller and came to tell us all about Ancient Egypt. We learnt so much from him.

Professor McGinty allowed us to see and hold some real Egyptian artefacts, we were fascinated by most but terribly scared of the scarab beetles! We were even allowed to dress up as Egyptian kings and queens.. here are some photos from yesterday.