3M Fudge Day

Today was a very exciting day because it was FUDGE when all of the Fathers, Uncles, Grandads and everyone else that well men.  In the start we read a book called Voices in the park !  We picked out and discussed the seasons, then we had to create our own park collage with our season choice using lots of different materials including tissue paper, cotton wool and many different other coloured paper. We really enjoyed having an otheradults in the classroom and sharing our activities and learning with them.


By Elizabeth and Devinder


Our Spanish lesson.

Today we have been learning how to count to 10 in Spanish. Also we have learnt how to ask a friend their name. Have a look at the videos and see if you think we are good at speaking Spanish.

By Thiren.

Dinosaur clay models.

In 3M this afternoon we were very excited during topic because half of the class were making beautiful clay dinosaurs and the other half were typing their dinosaur report. I enjoyed typing my report because I used the Internet to copy and paste images of dinosaurs.

The clay model groups were making 3d models, they used their fingers to smoothen the clay and also put it into different shapes for the body parts of the dinosaur.

Have a look at the photographs of children making their dinosaurs.











Giant visited 3M.

Today in Literacy we met a scary giant, some of the children asked the giant questions. Other children jumped into the role of the Giant.

These are some of the questions that we asked the Giant:

How old are you?  What do you eat?  What is your hobby?  What is your favorite food? Do humans work for you?

We all enjoyed this lesson because we liked our class friends becoming one of the characters and also learning how to ask open questions.

By Janis and Elizabeth.