A non-chronological report about fairies.. read on to find out more

The Unknown Secrets about Fairies!

A large amount of people, suspect that fairies are charming, affectionate and thoughtful. However, they are mistaken. Read on to learn and discover the evil side of fairies.


What do fairies look like?

Most fairies have pale, crystalline skin, big bright eyes and delicate slender bodies. They look kind but they have a hard, dark heart. Lots of fairies have shiny, magical wings. Interestingly, evil fairies have ripped, scraggy wings that are dark but some evil fairies have no wings at all. Nobody knows why!


Where do fairies live?

Fairies practically live anywhere they fancy. However, bad fairies live in a dark, abandoned house far away from humans. Kind fairies live in underground kingdoms or in woodland communities. Traditionally, fairies can live in your house… make sure you check in your house, there might be a bad fairy living with you and your family!


What do fairies eat?

Fairies drink sweet, maple syrup, candy and enjoy homemade lemon, mint tea. They eat flower buds, big nuts and honey cakes. Surprisingly, horrible fairies drink human blood and eat human’s baby teeth because it gives them dark powers. Kind fairies eat sweets and yummy carrot cake for desserts.


Did You Know?

Amazingly, fairies dislike salt because it can be used as a deliberate defence against them, or it can unwittingly prevent them from handling human goods. Fairies hate lemons because they are sour, but mean fairies love lemons because it makes their powers grow stronger!


An amazingly interesting non chronological report by Hafsah in 3J

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