Shu vs Chimera

Shu vs Chimera


In ancient times, there was a dreadful and dire Pharaoh named Khufu. Every Monday, he forced siblings to be killed by the Chimera. The Chimera was 1/3 lion, 1/3 goat and 1/3 snake and was  an awful creature who lived in The Great Pyramid.


A great man, called Shu, who was fearless and daring decided to kill the Chimera. When he arrived at the pyramid, a servant called Anuf gave Shu a lion necklace that would protect him if he agreed to set him free from Khufu.


In The Great Pyramid, it was unlit, awful and revolting. There were dolls moving by themselves, water dripping from the ceiling and a revolting smell. Not even a second later, the Chimera charged towards Shu but he murdered the Chimera with his lion necklace.


At last, they celebrated and cheered as Shu walked back to the town proudly. They celebrated for almost 5 months.


By Ala in 3J

Greta vs Arachne

Greta vs Arachne

Many years ago, there was a queen called Maleena. Every week, she sent five babies to Arachne to be killed.

A hero called Greta went to kill Arachne in her den.

The cave was dark and bloody. Greta could see skulls on the floor, bats dangling from the ceiling and spider webs on the walls.

It was coming towards her. Arachne jumped in the air and Greta stabbed the monster in her heart.

Everybody in the kingdom lived happily ever after.


By Arshan in 3J


Shu and the Manticore

In the times of great heroes, there was a brutal Pharaoh called Khufu, who, every month sent five innocent old people to be eaten by the vicious Manticore, that lived in the dusty pyramid.

Shu was a fearless warrior who was determined to slay the beast. Outside, the dusty pyramid, was a servant that didn’t like the Pharaoh so he agreed to give Shu a magical staff to slay the beast, if she agreed to make the servant the new Pharaoh.

Inside the pyramid was mysterious, spooky and echoey. Through the dust Shu could see scarab beetles scurrying across the sandy floor, cartouches on the warn out walls and cobwebs dangling from the crumbling ceiling.

A soon as Shu entered the centre of the pyramid, the Manticore dived at Shu, roaring in rage. Shu blasted the beast killing it instantly.

Shu ran out of the pyramid and met the servant. He gave Shu a lot of Pharaoh’s gold and Shu made the servant a new Pharaoh.


Ethan 3M

Greta and the Arachne

Many years ago, there lived an evil queen called Malena. She was cruel, mean and savage. The worst bit was that she sent one baby boy and one baby girl every full moon to be eaten by Arachne! It was a horrible, hideous and dreadful creature. It lived in a deep dark cave. It was half spider half human.

Greta (the hero) was a fearless, brave and bold warrior. One dusty day, she offered to go to slay the nasty beast. The queen was very surprised, she said ” You may… but you shall return with the bones of Arachne to prove that you have killed the beast.” Greta agreed.

On the way she met Prince Jed. He said , “I will lend you my legendary bow and arrow if you pay me ten pounds.”

Greta entered the spooky, eerie and misty cave, through the mist she could see blood dripping from the ceiling, skulls on the floor and webs on the wall. Suddenly, she heard a high hiss, Arachne dropped from the ceiling, Greta backed up. Then she shot the only arrow she had into Arachne’s heart. The monster lay… DEAD! Dead, still and silent. Everything paused…

Then after a few minutes Greta fled from the cave, dashed to the shore and met Prince Jed. She gave him his money and they sailed away living happily ever after.