My Homework

. poles for arms

. head box

. body box

. bottle legs

What I made for my homework was a Iron man. It is really big I had a bit of help from my mom. I worked really hard on it. My picture is on the blog too.

Ameera 3G


I made an Iron Man it took two hours to do it it was made from materials.

Materials I used:





It was really fun some other people had made one I was the first one to

bring it to my class. It was for my homework but it was also for my topic. I tried hard to make this. I am very creative.  My sister helped me.

Haider 3G







The Iron Man

I made an iron man at home with a small box and a big box then I put tin foil all around it. Then I put glitter to the arms.

What I needed

. Small box

. Big box

. Glitter

. Cardboard

Then I brought it to school to show to my class.

Samanthajo 3G

Snow Day

What I did during the snow

On the snow day I was playing snow fights and after that we made a snow man with

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Sticks

And when it was snowing it was my cousin’s birthday and we went to a party and I had loads of fun.   

Anthoun 3G

I no snow is fun and everybody likes it you can have a snow ball fight. You can make a snow man, snow angels and write words in the snow. What I did in the snow was make a snow man.

 Ameera and Haleema 3G

What  I did in the snow

I made a snow man I made it with

  • A  carrot
  • 9  rocks
  • A  hat
  • scarf

It was an amazing  snow man. I also played in the snow. I made a snow angel.

By Alannah.


The Iron Man

In literacy we have started reading a book called The Iron Man, I have found it interesting. It is about the Iron man and he falls off a cliff, and then he builds himself back up. Meanwhile, Hogarth is fishing and he finds the Iron man, he tells his father  and then his father tells another Farmer, but the first farmer doesn’t believe him, but the second one does. Then they build a trap but it is not successful, then Hogath puts a  screw in the trap and he falls in the trap. Suddenly a star comes closer and closer, and it lands in Australia. It is a dragon!

I give this book 5/5 stars.


Today we have been making a story mountain. A story mountain is where you write what happens in the beginning, then the build up after, the dilemma and fourthly the resolution and ending.