Better Bearwood

Yesterday our moms and dads came to see our buildings. I had to read my speech to the parents, to tell them about my shopping centre. At the end they had to vote for the building they thought would make Bearwood better.



Ukulele Rocks

We had an amazing time at ‘Ukulele Rocks’. We went into a huge hall where we practised for the concert. Then we had our tea and played a few games before we had to go into the hall and do it all over again. I felt nervous as my mom and dad were in the audience. After that we played all our songs and we were fantastic. Some children even got a blister on their finger.


3M Habitats Homework.

Last week for homework you were asked to explore your gardens to find all the different habitats you have and also the organisms that are living there.

Here are some of the different ways you presented your findings, we were really impressed with these.

By Leontina Leontina drew her mini beasts.

  Mohsin drew and labelled his habitats.

  Michael used a tally chart to present his results.

 Sofeeya presented her findings in a table with pictures.

Councillor Eling visits Bearwood


Mr Eling told my class some interesting things about Bearwood and what he would like to improve. He said that there is going to be a new pool for wildlife at Lightwoods Park. Also Lightwood’s house is being repaired so we can go inside and see what’s in there. Bearwood used to be mostly farmland and houses were started to be built in the 1870’s. The first streets were Ethel and Gladys road right by our school. Bearwood school first opened in 1881.


Adrian 3G