Viking Skype!

On Monday 21st October, Wulfruna the Viking spoke live via video chat from Yorvik with the Year 3 children. She talked about everyday Viking home life including what they wore and how they had fun. We learned about Gods (her favourite was Freya), battles and weapons and also about famous Viking sagas. We also learned what children did instead of going to school! We had prepared questions in a Literacy lesson beforehand and she answered those and more. Here are some pictures… See if you can spot:

    an ear spoon to clear ears out
    a comb made out of cow horn
    a horn musical instrument
    a Hnefatafl game board with the King piece in the middle..
  • Viking Gods

    Find out about different male or female Viking Gods here:

    The three main Viking Gods

    DK Viking Gods Facts

    More information (from

    The Main Gods of Norse Mythology or Æsir Gods


    • The God of war and death and the King of the Æsir.

    • He is married to Frigg, the goddess of motherhood and domesticity.

    • Famously rode an 8-legged horse called Sleipnir, who was the son of Loki when he had shapeshifted into the form of a mare.

    • Odin is heavily associated with practising magic. He has one eye because he sacrificed the other to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

    • He had 2 ravens, Hugin and Munin, which told him what was happening in the world.

    • He gives his name to the weekday ‘Wednesday’.


    • He is the God of love, peace and forgiveness and the Son of Odin, the king of the Æsir.

    • Twin brother of the blind God of darkness, Höðr.

    • The death of Baldur is believed to have lead to the famous battle of the Gods, known as Ragnarok.


    • She is the Goddess of motherhood, marriage and domesticity and the wife of Odin, the king of the Æsir.

    • She has the power of prophecy and the weekday ‘Friday’ is named after Frigg.


    • A guardian God who watched over the Bifrost Bridge: the path to Asgard.

    • Had a horn that he blew if Asgard was ever in danger.

    • The last of the gods to die at Ragnarok.


    • The blind God of darkness and winter also known as Hodor.

    • Twin brothe of Baldur, who he accidentally killed.


    • The Goddess of youth and a guardian.

    • Guards the golden apples that the gods must eat in order to survive until Ragnarok. She is the wife of Bragi, the God of poetry.


    • The Goddess of homes and crops and is married to Thor, the God of thunder.

    • Famous for having hair made of gold. Her hair was chopped off by Loki as a prank, and Thor made him get the hair re-made.


    • The God of thunder and a guardian of Asgard and the son of Odin.

    • One of the most powerful gods. It was believed that Thor travelled in a chariot pulled by goats.

    • Famous for causing thunderclaps using his hammer, Mjolnir.

    • The weekday ‘Thursday’ is named after Thor.


    • The God of mischief and trickery. He was also known as the Lord of Lies because of his ability to shapeshift.

    • He often got himself into trouble and was responsible for cutting off Sif’s hair, helping Thor to rescue his hammer, stealing Freyja’s necklace and tricking a giant into building huge walls around Asgard.

    • As punishment, Loki was bound to a rock until Ragnarok.


    • The God of single-handed combat.

    • Týr is famous for only having one hand, which was bitten off by the wolf Fenrir.


    • He is the God of hunting and winter and the son of Sif and stepson of Thor.

    • Married to Skadi, the Goddess of winter and associated with skiing, and was famous for leaving trails across the sky.


    • The God of revenge and silence.

    • Son of Odin and a giantess named Grid.

    • Responsible for killing the wolf, Fenrir, at Ragnarok.