Area, perimeter, capacity, our learning rooms and a super hero experiment!

[slideshow]Here are some of the many exciting things we have been doing over the last couple of weeks. There has been lots of measuring going on in Year Three recently and we have all got much better at accurately measuring length to find the area and perimeter of shapes. We have also been doing lots of work on Capacity and had to try and find out how much our teachers drank in a day!

Today we have been planning and carrying out an experiment to find the most absorbent material, so that we can make our super heroes water proof capes!  We have been making lots of interesting predictions about the possible results. We will let you know what we find out!

In the style of… Roy Smeck

Today we have been learning to play the Ukulele  like Roy Smeck. Roy Smeck was incredibly fast at playing and he did tricks like throwing the instrument around. In the piece that has been recorded the children play two notes, tap the back of the instrument  twice then count to four. Listen here

Learning Rooms


Over the last two days we have busy making our superheroes a room in which they can learn.

Which powers have we used to make our rooms?

What do you like?

What could be improved?

Get Talking, Get Learning

Literacy – Now you know what a legend is? Can you find out about any more legends from Britain. Think about Robin Hood.  Get researching! Can you all write one question for our curiosity wall?  

Phonics– Learn your new sounds from this week.  Can you read and write all the new words you have taken home this week? Share a book everyday with someone at home.

Numeracy – In Numeracy next week we are still going to be measuring! We are going to move on to weighing and measuring liquids (capacity), because we are going to become scientific investigators! Which material will make the best Superhero costume? This weekend explore the kitchen and sewing box to find measuring equipment and get measuring. Make us a poster to show what you have learnt about measuring.

Mathletics- How many points have you got now? Remember to get on the Internet and log on to Mathletics to help your learning.  If your family have any questions about Mathletics come along to the Mathletics drop in on Tuesday after school.

Next week in ‘I’ve Got the Power’, we will be continuing to create our very own superhero learning room.  This weekend become a secret house detective.  Explore your house and make a list/drawing of all the resources in your house that help you learn.  Think about how they are stored and what shape they are.  How would you make them to fit into your superhero room?

Come prepared with ideas or even one object to put in your room…