A warning story

The Stone Beasts

One day, in Iceland, there lived two trolls called Genie and Tom. They were nice and friendly trolls but the trolls knew one thing; not to go out in the daylight.

One night, Genie and Tom were watching the moon and the stars on top of the cave. Above, Genie and Tom could feel the dark, fluffy clouds. Below, they could hear fishes splashing in the river.

Suddenly, Tom saw a rock climber climbing a rocky mountain, they decided to help the rock climber and stop him.

Quickly, they ran towards the rocky mountain to save the rock climber. They pulled the rock climber to safety. While they were doing that, time passed. Finally, they saved the rock climber and pulled him back to safety.

Suddenly, the sun came out. Genie and Tom were so shocked, they had no more time left. Genie and Tom started to freeze and then they turned to stone.

By Aviraj in 3J


3J’s science experiment

In 3J we planted some cress seeds and observed the growth over a week. One group watered their seeds with 3ml of water, another group watered their seeds with 1ml of water and the last group did not water their seeds at all.
This is what we found out:

Here are some pictures of us observing our plants

Writing from a character’s perspective

Sixth Voice – Albert

One sunny day, I was feeling lethargic and woeful. After a couple of minutes, I saw dad open the drawer. I felt thrilled and a bit bewildered. It had been so long since we had a walk. Dad had been gloomy for 3 days. I hope this cheers him up.

The park was just across the road. I could see children playing and I could see an ice-cream van. I hope dad had some money. Dad went to sit at an old metal bench. Smudge went to play.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a striking looking pup. I wanted to be her BFF. I wondered what she liked. At first, she was a bit nasty so I tried to introduce my self. She did not have time, but, after a couple of minutes, she let me introduce myself.

“Do you wanna run so fast, you will be twice the speed of Usain Bolt?”.

Then I saw Smudge with a pal. His name was Charles. From the other side of the park, I could see dad waving at us. I think it was time to go home. We went home as happy as can be.


Written by Maxwell 3J