The Emotional Trolls

The emotional trolls

On a cliff surrounded by mountains that were impossible to climb, there lived two trolls called Ccat and Ddog. They were warm hearted. They were sad only because they would turn to a waterfall if they saw the sunlight.


Under the windy breeze, they were playing horror games. The heavy clouds faded away, lightning struck from the sky.


Ccat and Ddog saw a group of sailors, they were going to crash into the mountain which was their home. Then BAM BAM BAM! Tears swept over Ccat and Ddog.

They ran like a flash! Ccat and Ddog had worked together. Ccat pounced and Ddog swam under the boat to make it steady for Ccat to save them. They did it! But time was ticking.


Then the sun replaced the moon. Oh no aaaaaargh they cried. Then instead of stone, their cries turned them into a waterfall. The first ever waterfall…


A warning story written by Arthur

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