Goal Scorer Writer’s Workshop by Lucas!

First I entered the haunted house and I heard the windows creaking and water dripping on the floor.  Ghosts were saying “I’m going to haunt your house”.  But I was soaked like an ice cube.  I could hear the joker laughing, it was a terrifying laugh but I was not scared!!  I thought about some food but I felt a drop of blood on my hand.  It was soft and smooth.  I looked up, it was a flesh eating bat!! I ran but the door was locked.  I looked around the corner and guess what I saw…. a ghostly bone on the floor!!

Please give me some feedback on my writing.  Thank you.

Goal Scorer Writer’s Workshop by Dylan!

First I cautiously and slowly entered the haunted house.  Suddenly the door  slammed shut and slime was in my hair, as hard as a rock!  I saw a ghost flying around me.  I could not believe it, I almost fell on the floor.  The walls smelt! Suddenly I saw Jack’s bag;  I thought there was going to be a clue but quickly it vanished into thin air.  Suddenly I put my hand in some goo; it was squishy and slimy.  Next I decided to go upstairs even though they were moving.  Suddenly I saw Jack’s hat and I heard the door open.  I thought “Will I get out in time for my scrumptious tea?”

Please give me some feedback on my writing.  Thank you very much.

Pokemon through the tunel by Eloise

Slowly, I crept throught the gloomy, terrifying tunnel full of strange voices. Then I saw a glowing, flashing, glorious light; it was a golden door!  Then I quickly rampaged through the golden door and I saw right in front of me. There was a Pokemon hotel that was enormous!  Suddenly, a delighted Pimplup slid down a clean, light blue pipe. The Pokemon hotel had vivid, shining petalled flowers  and lots of old, rusty tyres for the main body. There was used up cardboard toilet rolls and all the  bright flowers were in a  labeled purple box. There were rose smelling bins around the hotel. There were  blue, also red bean bags for windows. I was delighted  that my hair was lifting up in  the wind. I could feel the soft, fluffy fur of Pikachu and hear the joyful squeaks of  Lilypup. I could also hear the sweet song of  JiglyPuf before I fell fast asleep in the gigantic snorlax!  Then suddenly  a sneaky idea crept  in my head; should I stay here? I looked at the door  and at the hotel. Should I?


The Story of the Unknown, by Meshach

Slowly as I stepped into the mysterious, gloomy, haunted house the door started to speak and I heard an evil laugh.  Then I came face to face with a three hundred and thirty foot tall dinosaur … Suddenly an old, wrinkly dragon came along. I said to the dragon ‘Why did you have to come here?’  After the dragon began to talk, I froze with amazement. Then the dragon roared ‘You are going to be my dinner!’  The dinosaur nodded his head meaning “yes you are going to be my dinner!”  After the dragon’s scales began to get clearer but when it did I saw Chris. Quickly he disappeared; that was when I realised that everything I was seeing was a hologram!

Guided Reading – To describe a character.

Today in Guided Reading we have been reading Buzz and Bingo in the Fairytale Forest.  We had to describe a character; our teacher decided to choose the wolf!

Here are a few example descriptions of the wolf! We hope you like them:

Horrible, big scary eyes; sharp teeth; skinny, boney neck; looks hideous and when he smiles he has a nasty smile.  Looks angry, has a red long tongue and he looks disguisting.  He has enormous fat fingers and a nose which looks like a cherry!

Please let us know what you think of our description of the wolf!  Thank you.

Goal Scorer – Writer’s Workshop by Myiesha!

Suddenly I crept into the haunted house  and I saw flying coats going into the sky and silky cobwebs in every corner of the room.  Slowly I saw a broken footstep and the curtains they were swishing. Slowly I could even hear Chris shouting for “help”.  Sadly I could not see him.  I could hear someone at the door but it was nobody and then came a phone call for no reason.  I felt scared and  my heart was beating faster and faster.  My hands were shaking like jelly and my knees were quaking like a giant was playing with the earth, thinking it was a ball.  Well maybe it could have been a dream or maybe it was not …  What could it be?

Please give me some feeback on my writing.  Thank you very much.


Goal Scorer by Eliot!

Steadily I crept;  just then I banged into a tree! “Oops” I dizzily said as I was shaking my head.  “I thought that was a dinosaur”.  So I went on …  Bang! “Not again!” Then it just moved its giant head. “AHHH!” I screamed rapidly whilst it stomped towards me.  I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me; compared to the Tyranosaurus who hardly had to move at all.   I eventually lost it but my journey wasn’t over!  So I kept going to find water. I found a giant lake where I could drink anything.  The sun was shining but then a wind storm came. 

Please give me some feedback on my Writer’s Workshop writing.  Thank you.

Futuristic Art Pictures!

In topic this week our class teacher asked us to design some fabulous art pictures; of what the future would be like in many years from now.

First we sketched our pictures, then we carefully used pastels to colour our pictures. 

Finally, we were  really pleased with them, and we hope you like them too.

Our Fabulous Ukele Lesson

Every Wednesday afternoon we are so lucky we get the chance to play the ukelele.  We can now take our instrument home to practice too which is great fun!  We are so lucky to have this opportunity to do ukelele and we always look forward to our ukelele lesson.