3M inspire workshop

We worked very hard to impress our parents in our inspire workshop. First we listened to a story called ‘Lazy Jack’ then we had to show our parents how to use the reciprocal reading cards, first we predicted what would happen in the story, then we clarified any words we didn’t understand after we asked questions and summarised what happened in the story.

Next we made a question plate that we can use with our parents at home, we really enjoyed our parents coming to school and learning with us.

By Arun and Amarveer.

Model homework

3G have been working really hard at home to make models.

First I got a cardboard shoe box from my sister and started to cut some shapes out. It was difficult to make the table for the inside of my building. It was a view of my garden. Me and my sister worked together. Justyna

I collected some old boxes and put them together to make a college. I also made some stairs. Fizan

I made the view from my living room window I can see the park. I used my resourcefulness power to complete it. I used blue and red for the gates. Tara

Me and mom worked together to cut cardboard and stick it together with Sellotape. I cut the windows out. I used felt tips to colour in the detail. Gurneer

I used some glue and paper to make my collage of my view. Ester


3M poem of the week.

3M have been working hard on learning a new poem every week. We have been learning this in many different ways and choosing our own way of remembering this poem. Some of us have been making text maps, doing actions and even learning it a line at a time. After we have learnt the poem and are confident at remembering it, we then perform it in front of our class. After we have performed it the clSometimes we learn a poem by saying it over and over again and this also helps the audience to pick up on it, we also enjoy working out and understanding what the poem is about.

By Amarveer and Thiren. image

Right angle hunt


Today we went on a hunt to find lots of objects that have right  angles on them. We enjoyed it because we found lots of objects have right angles. We looked high and low and used our resilience power because some objects were curved sides so we used a right angle checker.
Have a go at making your own right ankle checker and go on an right angle hunt and share on our blog what you find.