Making Shadows


In science we had great fun making shadows. We where using the torches to make shadows. A shadow is made when an object blocks light. The object must be opaque or translucent to make a shadow. We made all sorts of shadows with our hands on the smart board. It was so funny! We also drew the shadows on paper.

How has Bearwood and Smethwick Changed? by Tetiana and 3D’s Blog Editor

Today in Topic we took apart worksheets. Firstly, we conducted some research from books. We wrote information from the past. We had to stick pictures in and write some information about the picture.  Next we had to label the pictures. All the pictures we grey, black and white.  There were different books to read, there were orange books, light blue books and a book that was like visiting the Black Country living museum.  Some children did a page, some a half, some a quarter and some a little bit of work. Mrs Daniels and Miss Thomas helped us with our work. Mrs Daniels did one on the flipchart, it is so colourful. We started it yesterday except I started it today because I was finishing my letter yesterday. It was VERY entertaining! We loved it.

Writers Workshop by various children


Writers Workshop Post 1

Recently, we have been working on letter writing to our favourite authors.  Firstly, we chose our favourite author. After that we conducted our research and found interesting ideas .Then we explored formal and informal letters .Yesterday we drafted our letters in writers workshop. Today we have been busy publishing our letters.  We are going to post them to our chosen authors so we are going to use franking machine to frank them ready for posting next week.

 I wrote to Jeff brown. He is the author of flat Stanley. I think his books are awesome! What do you think? – Yousuf

I wrote to Robert Muncsh he is the author of Paper Bag Princess I think his books are wicked!  Have you read the book? –Meharpal

Writers Workshop Post 2

Today in Literacy we were publishing our letters to our authors. We edited our writing and highlighted our targets. Then we had to get ten large envelopes. Later on we are going down to the office to frank them. Next week we will go with Miss Thomas to  post the letters.   They are going to be sent to the amazing authors. We have written to authors like Dav Pilkey, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeff Kinney, Giles Andreae and Jeff Brown just to name a few.  

  Who is your favourite author? Why are they your favourite author?

How to Quack by Jaiden and Yousuf

This week in Numeracy we have been using Quack.  Quack helps us to work out the answers to worded questions and understand two step questions.

Quack stands for:

Q, question read it carefully

U, understand and underline key words

A, Approximate (estimate)

C, Calculate the answer (work it out)

K, Know the answer is right!

At the start of the week I found Quack tricky but now I feel confident in applying it to worded questions.   It is fun!

Ukulele Rocks by Chetan and Meharpal

Firstly, we always do are warm up. We have to play four of each chord to warm up. This helps Mr Sheppard recognise any out of tune Ukuleles.  After that we played and sang Kookaburra. It was difficult in places because we have to mute in the correct place.  If we didn’t mute in the correct place we had to start again. Luckily, we only had to do this twice. 

 In recent weeks we have been learning about Blues music. I really like blues music because I like the fact that the lyrics are about hope and optimism.   Yesterday we started to write our own song about our topic.  The lyrics are about what we can see from our window.  3S have written a song too. 

Next week we are going to learn all our words and chords so we can perform our song.  Hopefully, Miss Thomas will kindly record it so you can listen to our performance.  I am extremely excited about performing our song and sharing our song with our blogging community.

Use this website to find out more about Blue Music on the Ukulele:

Doctor Who

[vodpod id=Video.9123081&w=425&h=350&fv=config_settings_suppressRelatedLinks%3Dtrue%26config_settings_skin%3Dblack%26config%3Dundefined%26playlist%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww%252Ebbc%252Eco%252Euk%252Fiplayer%252Fplaylist%252Fp00gwb58%26config_settings_showFooter%3Dtrue%26]

Doctor Who, posted with vodpod

Watch this video! This week in Writers Workshop we are going to write a mini adventure about Dr. Who for the BBC competition.

Science by Ariana and Mustafaa


In Science today we watched a video clip about light sources at night. Miss Thomas told us that we needed to make a mental note of all the light sources we could spot in the film.  I think I could add extra light sources to my list from yesterday. Many of us thought the Moon was a light source.  Miss Thomas has asked us to research if this is true.  Can you find out if the moon is a light source? 

 After that we investigated how light travels. We discovered that light travels in straight lines. We know this because Miss Thomas let us experiment with the torches. After that we watched a 30 second clip about light travelling in straight lines.

Next we learnt 3 new word’s Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. Transparent materials let light pass through them in straight lines, so that you can see clearly through them. An example of a transparent material is glass. Translucent materials let some light through, but they scatter the light in all directions, so that you cannot see clearly through them. We discovered that some light can go through a blue plastic chair. This means that the chair is translucent. Opaque materials do not let any light pass through them. Our bookcase was opaque because it allowed no light to pass  through. The book-case is made of wood.  

We shared all our findings. Can you tell us some transparent, translucent and opaque materials?