An independent suspense story

I could see the sun slowly fade away and the moon in its place. I could also smell the BBQ’s smoke drifting into the night sky. I was singing songs while the marshmallows were getting crispy by the open fire. My family quickly fell asleep. As it was getting dark, I slowly moved closer to my mom. How long would it be until sunrise?


When the clock struck twelve, it inched out of its den, ran through the forest and wiggled in the squelchy mud.


I could hear loud yapping coming from the bushes. What was that sound? Am I dreaming? I curled up into a little ball and rocked side to side. A cute ball of fluff came rolling towards me. It was a fox or was it?


A beautiful independent write by a child in 3J

Suspense story

The moon glittered in the night sky replacing the sun. I was playing a Christmas song on my guitar around the fire. Abidan and Arthur went inside to sleep. I went inside too. Then Arthur said to me, “Ismail I am not too sure about this.” I agreed. When would it be sunrise?


When Arthur and Abidan went to sleep, the werewolf darted across his lair,  shot between the trees and crossed the road to Calthorpe Haven.


I could see bushes dripping with red liquid. Whose blood was that? It was a WEREWOLF! The Werewolf’s mouth was dripping with blood. His eyes were yellow, he was staring at me.


A wonderful independent write by a child in 3J

Suspense Story

We closed the old, metal door. The air – conditioning made me cold. My parents went to the shops. My heart dropped to my stomach. How many hours until my parents would get back?

He howled at the moon, leaped across the gloomy meadow and scrapped his talons on the trees.

He scrapped the door with his terrible talons the monster kicked the door down. A big, horrible shadow filled the whole room. I ran up the stairs the monster followed me.

I hid under my blanket, he kicked the door down and threw the blanket away. He got hold of me and opened his mouth!


Written by Seraphina 3D

Suspense Story

We slammed the powerful door. I could hear leaves rustling. My family went to fetch some firewood and food. How many minutes until my family come back?

He leaped across the cave, pounced on tress and trampled around mountains.

He kicked the powerful door open with his huge feet. A deep, dark shadow filled the entire house. I began to hear screams.


Written by Amelia 3D

Suspense Story

We banged the heavy, wooden door. Burning smoke filled my lungs as I stood by the fireplace. My friends left to get a package. I froze in one space. How many hours would it be until my friends get that package?

The werewolf crossed the moorland, passed over a cave and swam in the ocean. The creature was banging with its huge fists at the door. The door swung open, a hairy shadow filled the hallway with a terrible screech the monster was trying to find us.


Written by Halit 3D

Suspense Story

It was almost midnight and I was sleeping. I fastened the small, flexible tent. My friend was drifting to sleep. My heart was beating as fast as a plane. I could hear the animals that live under the ground making their way through the soil. How long until I fall asleep?


When the clock struck and the moon shone, he intertwined out of his lair, criss-crossed over the moorland and inched through the fog.


I heard a terrifying noise outside. My face was white like a ghost. I saw a figure smiling and waving at me. What on earth was it?


Written by a child in 3J

Suspense story

It was time to go to sleep. I closed my tent. My light went out and my tent was pitch black. My teeth were chattering. When will it be morning?


When the sun faded away, the beast squirmed through the cave, criss-crossed over the moorland and shot across the fog.


I could hear a creepy song outside my tent. My heart skipped a beat. A creepy black shadow was looking into my soul.


Written by M in 3J

Suspense story

We fastened the tiny, soft tent. We heard leaves rustling. Suddenly, my parents fell asleep. My eyes filled with tears. How long do we have until morning?

Silently, the creature sneaked out of it’s cave, passed over the bog and slid through the haze.

I heard him snuffling at the door. Suddenly, he smashed the door open. A big, heavy silhouette filled the tent.

Written by a child in 3D

Suspenseful Story

We fastened the soft tent. A silhouette appeared. My friends fell asleep. My heart was pounding. How many hours would it be until the sun came out?

Quietly, the monster dragged himself out of the cave, crossed the field and crept through the fog.

I heard something stomping and the stomps got louder. With an earpiercing scream, the creature pounced inside.


Radvin 3D

A postcard from Ghana!

Today year 3 received a postcard from Graceland International School in Ghana. We were also sent a book called Where are we? Miss Jones read the book to us. We are all confused but very excited to meet the children from Graceland International School.

Have a look at our postcard which came all the way from Ghana.

We sat around to listen to Miss Jones read the book.

We can’t wait for next Friday! Can you?