Performance Poetry


This is Michael Rosen performing his rap. During the performance listen the expression   in his voice and  watch his facial expressions too. In Literacy this week we will be performing a variety of poems.


In indoor PE this half term we are doing gymnastics. We will be exploring different ways to travel across the floor and using apparatus. Here is a video of Beth Tweddle winning World Championship gold on the floor. Can you steal any of the moves or the positions?[youtube=]

Our outdoor PE slot is Tuesday afternoon. During this session we will be developing our tennis skills. Watch these proffessionals in action for some inspiration!


Remember indoor PE is yellow t-shirt and green shorts. Outdoor kit is yellow t-shirt, track suit bottoms and trainers/pumps.

Before Man

This half term our topic is ‘Before Man’. We will  be learning about the Earth before man was on it!   The picture demonstrates that dinosaurs where roaming the earth  before man. What do you think you could hear, smell, see and touch if  you were in the picture?

Watch this short video. Can you name any of these dinosaurs? Can you find out any facts about any of these dinosaurs?


Use these websites to support your research

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