The Protective Trolls

The protective trolls

Once upon a time, there lived two trolls. They lived near a cave in Iceland. Their names were Freddy and Chicka. They were soft hearted and loving. They had  a warning, not to go into the sunlight or they would turn into the tallest rock in the world.


One windy night, Freddy and Chicka were having a midnight snack. In the sky, the dancing hail hung in a cloud above their head and below them the ground was covered in frost and glinted dangerously.


In the distance, Freddy and Chicka saw a group of walkers busy on their phones and walking the wrong way, they were going to fall down a cliff.  They both decided to go and help the walkers.


Speedily, Freddy and Chicka ran to the cliff to save the walkers. Freddy and Chicka gave the walkers a map to look for their car. Time was fleeting. After some time, they saved the day like superheroes.


The moon was wearing down and the sun replaced it. Without notice, the sun climbed into the sky and started to glimmer. They were so angry that they ran out of time. Their bodies stiffened up and a rock started to grow out of their mouths like a baby. They turned into the tallest rocks in the world.


A  beautiful piece pf writing by Miran

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