Performances of our poems.

This week in Literacy we have been looking at the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. We have written our own versions and added alliteration and similes. Have a look and tell us what you think.

My magic box….

I will put in my magic box,
a tatty train that has no wheels,
a fluffy flamingo feather as pink as a flower,
a twinkling star from a from frightening cave.

I will put in my magic box,
the first glare of a baby kitten,
the last shine of the golden sun on a starry night,
the touch of a spicy fishes fin as dangerous as a dragons tooth.
By Zayna.

I will put in my magic box,
a pond full of yummy, delicious milkshake,
a land of colourful rainbows with 100 wishes that come true,
a never ending road that leads you to a shop full of dresses.

I will put in my magic box,
a golden, shiny, twinkling ring with 900 wishes ,
a Chinese shark as blue as the sky
a first smile of a little, cute baby.
By Aishah

My magic box….

I will put in my magic box,
a crocodiles tooth,
a never ending road as colourful as a rainbow,
a deep, hot pool with bubbling water.

I will put in my magic box,
the first shine of a star twinkling like the moon,
the first tooth of a cute baby,
the smell of a tasty, yummy BBQ in the garden on a summers day.
By Ahmad.

My magic box….

I will put in my magic box,
a fluffy bird flying as quick as lightning,
a screaming baby as blue as the ocean,
a star as cold as ice.

I will put in my magic box,
the smell of burning, hot lava flowing like a jet on the river,
a grumpy, white snow man hungry like a bear,
a bright sun glowing like a yellow, shiny metal bucket.
By Rayhan.

3M’s listed poems.

This morning we have written some listed poems in groups of 2 or 4. We read the poem ‘Ten things in a Wizard’s Pocket’. We wrote our own poems and changed the title, have a read and tell us what you think.
An eerie night.
Some problems which can’t be solved.
A ghost dripping with blood.
A large rabbit.
A sea of melted ice-cream.
A minute dinosaur walking in the sea.
A strange, magical, disappearing castle.
A magical, emerald pizza.
A fountain of melted chocolate.
A talking mouse.
By Elizabeth Van Souwe.

Ten things found in a Robber’s Pocket.
A swimming pool without water.
Some men with a TV stuck to their head.
A diamond lock leading to a new universe.
A stripy diamond suit.
A loud meow from a gigantic cat rampaging through the streets.
An angry Green Hulk.
A box of singing treasure from the ocean.
A scream from a man with 5 legs.
The footsteps of a walking house.
A boat sailing through the air.

By Janis, Simran, Aisha and Faizah.

Ten things found in a Robot’s Pocket.
A shiny diamond with a hundred wishes.
A white full moon.
A speedy car.
A stripy leopard.
A train as large as a mountain.
A bowl of colorful jelly.
A speeding boat.
A bag of a thousand balloons.
A bucket of sweets that left forever.
A snapping crocodile.

By Aminah, Ihtisham, Haaris and Cherry.