This work has been chosen as they have used colloquial talk to help the reader understand more about their character

Sixth Voice – Albert

I was so sad I couldn’t breath. I had not been to the park in almost three days! Dad was in bed. Then, all of a sudden I heard the sound of my lead. I ran so fast. Were we going to the park?

It was a busy day and a sunny day outside. I could hear cars beeping, it was loud on the main road. I was over the moon. I loved being outside. When I got to the park I could smell ice cream, I want ice cream!

In the distance, I saw a pup. I kinda wanted to introduce myself and have a chat so I did.

She was rude to begin with. Then, after a bit she changed she taught me how to sit. I wonder if she could swim?

“Do you wanna learn how to swim?”

Then I saw dad put his coat on. I think it was home time. I hope we come back to the park tomorrow. The walk home was nice everyone was in a great mood.

By Archie in 3J