Life Cycles

We worked as a team to research the life cycle of different mini beasts and animals. Once we had finished we created a poster with pictures and words. We presented our life cycle to 4h I hope they enjoyed it and learnt some interesting facts.





3M Role Play

All week we have been using ‘Voices in the park’ to base our literacy on. We have looked at the characters and wrote our own play scripts.
Today we worked in our talk trios to get into role of 3 of the characters, we made up our own dialogue and events based on this story.

Watch the videos and leave a comment telling us what you think.

Chicks 1 week old

Here are some pictures of our chickens at one week old we have named them in 3G.
Fluffy is the big black one.
Stone is the yellow small one.
Black cherry is the small black one.
Tweety is the big yellow one.
Poppy princess is the different coloured one.

Adrian 3G





The Magic Box

This week we have written our own poem about what we would like to put in our magic box. We were very creative and ‘thought outside the box’.

Our poems that we have written were inspired by The Magic Box by Kit Wright.

Read our poems and tell us what you think.









3M Performance Poetry.

Today in Literacy we looked at different poets and how they perform a poem. We noticed that they use actions, expressions and clear, loud voices.
We then rehearsed with our talk partners and performed the poem ‘ The magic box’ by Kit Wright.
Watch our performances and tell us what you think!

Magic box 1 from Bearwood on Vimeo.

Magic box 4 from Bearwood on Vimeo.

Magic box 6 from Bearwood on Vimeo.

Magic box 5 from Bearwood on Vimeo.