A letter from Robert Munsch

Wow! Today we received another author  response. This time it was from Robert Munsch.  I think that it is incredible to think that Meherpal’s letter is now pinned up in Robert Munsch’s writing office in Canada.  We know this information because he states it in his letter.  Meherpal was sent a bookmark and a postcard in recognition of his letter.

For more information about Robert Munsch go to  http://robertmunsch.com/

I wonder who will be next to receive  some correspondence?

Our Brilliant Habitat Boxes by Yasir


In Literacy, we made mini books about one animal in our habitat then made a poster about the habitat we were doing. I did some researching about my habitat then I put ‘Arctic’ on my poster with information about it. We didn’t use any information that we hadn’t  research and didn’t know, we did everything real because it was all factual information; which means its true.

Then I had a lot of fun  making our habitats! We made it with glue, paint, boxes, plasticine, paper and tissue paper. Which one do you like from the pictures? No matter which one you choose, thank you for reading this!

Writing Competition

Enter now for a unique chance to have your story made into a published book

‘What’s the Story’ aims to inspire children, aged 7 – 12 years old, to get creative and write a story, of no more than 500 words, about the characters created by Lydia Monks.

The winner and the four runners-up will win Amazon Kindles. The winner will have their story illustrated by Lydia Monks and published by Macmillan in 2012.

For more information log on  to  http://www.itv.com/daybreak/whats-the-story/enter-now/

Plant Investigation

In class this week we have been planning and carrying out an experiment to investigate what different things plants need to grow and ‘come alive.’ For example, do plants need water to grow?

We are growing cress in lots of different places around school: we have even put some in the staffroom fridge! We will let you know if our predictions are correct.[slideshow]

Get Talking, Get Learning

Week Commnencing 4th July 2011

Literacy– Next week we will be finishing and publishing our animal mini books. If you have any more information you need find; get researching this weekend! Remember you need to write about: their appearance, diet, habitat, include some fabulous facts and write an index and glossary!

Phonics-  Have fun  reading your book at home and show your family how well you know your sounds.   Challenge yourself by closing your book and see if you can remember the whole story! Tell it to somebody using lots of different voices for the characters. Don’t forget to learn your spellings too.

Numeracy – Next week it is time for addition and subtraction challenges. Show someone at home all the methods you already know to add and subtract. Can you teach them to somebody else?At home, see if you can find all the different ways to make 25 using addition and subtraction.For example, 10 + 10 + 5.  Bring your number sentences into school to show us how persistent you have been!

We are setting new homework challenges on Mathletics to keep you busy, so make sure you log on and get learning!

Over the next few weeks we will be starting an exciting new homework project! At home find a shoe box and decorate it to reflect your inner qualities. Then think of and find some things from home that are special to you. It could be photographs, toys or something else that is really important to you. Keep them in your special shoe box at home and write about the reasons why they are so mean so much to you.  In the last week of term you will be sharing your special objects with another year group so keep them safe.

We will also be continuing our habitat boxes next week, so keep finding facts out about your animal for your mini book. Try to make your own mini book at home about something else you have learnt about this year at school.

Please return Parents Evening slips as soon as possible so that we can arrange a convenient time for you to come into school. Also remember blue books and library book.  Get organised and pack your bag ready for school on Monday! We can’t wait to see all the Get Talking Get Learning you have done over the weekend.