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Secrets about mermaids

Most experts believe that mermaids are charming, gorgeous and pleasant. However, they are wrong! Read on to find out the truth about mermaids.


What do mermaids look like?

Some mermaids have skin as pale as snow and they have long hair. Mermaids have human-like facial features. Sometimes, evil mermaids called sirens kill people for food.


Where does a mermaid live?

Mermaids live with other creatures in the sea, they don’t have a home. Evil mermaids live in an underground hole filled with water.


A mermaid’s diet

Interestingly, most mermaid’s eat shellfish, tuna and seaweed. For lunch, they eat sardines and flying fishes because it makes their tail grow stronger.


Did you know?

Amazingly, mermaid’s live for 300 years.


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