An independent non-chronological report about mermaids

A mermaid’s dark side

Most people think that mermaid’s are charming and attractive but people are completely wrong, mermaids are foul creatures! I will walk you through the truth about mermaids.


What do mermaid’s look like?

They have long hair, human-like facial features and sometimes possess scales or fins on their lower body. They look beautiful and elegant but they can have a really evil side to them.


Where does a mermaid live? 

Most mermaids live in an underwater kingdom in the depths of the ocean. The immoral mermaids live in the depths of the vast sea with sharks and crabs.


What do mermaid’s eat?

The only access that mermaids have to underwater sea creatures would be shellfish because fish is full of protein. Salmon is another very good example of this. Some other great examples are lobster, clams, mussels and shrimp.


Did you know fact

The first known record of a mermaid comes from Syria.


A fabulous independent non chronological report by Ismail


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