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Epic Egypt 

Egypt is located in North Africa. It is an ancient place with lots to see and do. Would you want to miss the experience of a lifetime? (I wouldn’t).

Places to Visit

In Egypt there are lots of fun, relaxing and magnificent things to do. Here are some of the amazing things. Like hiking on the fabulous Mount Sinai. You will be able to see lots of fascinating things. Go on a peaceful boat ride on the River Nile. Its the longest in the world. You could even visit the old pyramid of Giza where you will see lots of mummies.


Without a doubt, the food in Egypt is amazing. You could try the tasty Kosahri, a mouth watering mix of rice, macaroni, onions and spicy tomato sauce, all in one big bowl. Maybe have a yummy kebab with lamb or minced meat on a sharp skewer. After your main meal you must try a treat. Why not the heavenly baklava, it’s a nut filled pastry topped with a blob of syrup. What are you waiting for? Book it on


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