Voices in the Park

Fifth Voice – Victoria

It was a gloomy day I felt really bored and tired in the same old house. Then my owner called my name and I was ecstatic until I noticed I was going to the same park, for the hundredth time! On the way to the park, it was silent. This place never changes and Charles looked bored out of his mind.

“What on earth are you doing you scruffy dog!” I ran off but it wouldn’t strop chasing me everywhere I went. But then I felt a new feeling I hadn’t felt in ages at it was fun. It looked like Charles was having fun with a new friend too.

After we had fun, I taught him how to sit.

My mom called me. I had to go. I was upset. I hope he’s there next time.

Ethan 3M 

Persuasive Writing

Epic Egypt 

Egypt is located in North Africa. It is an ancient place with lots to see and do. Would you want to miss the experience of a lifetime? (I wouldn’t).

Places to Visit

In Egypt there are lots of fun, relaxing and magnificent things to do. Here are some of the amazing things. Like hiking on the fabulous Mount Sinai. You will be able to see lots of fascinating things. Go on a peaceful boat ride on the River Nile. Its the longest in the world. You could even visit the old pyramid of Giza where you will see lots of mummies.


Without a doubt, the food in Egypt is amazing. You could try the tasty Kosahri, a mouth watering mix of rice, macaroni, onions and spicy tomato sauce, all in one big bowl. Maybe have a yummy kebab with lamb or minced meat on a sharp skewer. After your main meal you must try a treat. Why not the heavenly baklava, it’s a nut filled pastry topped with a blob of syrup. What are you waiting for? Book it on www.Egypt.com


Rowan 3M

Persuasive Writing

Exotic Egypt


Egypt is located in North Africa. It is an outstanding place with lots to see and do. Without a doubt, you must not miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Places to Explore

Come and visit the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza. It goes without saying, you can gaze in wonder at the remarkable Mount Sinai. Please come to see Whale Valley, where your dreams can come true. I’m sure you will agree to spend a week on the sun drenched beach in Sharm- El Sheik. You must come to see some breath-taking views that are so, so, beautiful and you’ve never seen before.



It goes without saying, gaze in wonder at the eye-opening Halwa- it is a type of pudding, which is delicious. I’m sure you will agree to taste the breath-taking and moreish Shawarma- it is a yummylicious and scrumptious kebab wrapped in a flat bread. Without a doubt, please taste and enjoy the mouth-watering Fateh – it is made with succulent meat and toasted pitta bread. Come and enjoy the incredible and heavenly Kashari- it is made with a mix of rice, onions, macaroni and spicy tomato sauce.

What are you waiting for? Visit www.Bearwoodtravelagency.co.uk to make your bookings.

3M Olivia

Shu and the Manticore

In the times of great heroes, there was a brutal Pharaoh called Khufu, who, every month sent five innocent old people to be eaten by the vicious Manticore, that lived in the dusty pyramid.

Shu was a fearless warrior who was determined to slay the beast. Outside, the dusty pyramid, was a servant that didn’t like the Pharaoh so he agreed to give Shu a magical staff to slay the beast, if she agreed to make the servant the new Pharaoh.

Inside the pyramid was mysterious, spooky and echoey. Through the dust Shu could see scarab beetles scurrying across the sandy floor, cartouches on the warn out walls and cobwebs dangling from the crumbling ceiling.

A soon as Shu entered the centre of the pyramid, the Manticore dived at Shu, roaring in rage. Shu blasted the beast killing it instantly.

Shu ran out of the pyramid and met the servant. He gave Shu a lot of Pharaoh’s gold and Shu made the servant a new Pharaoh.


Ethan 3M

Greta and the Arachne

Many years ago, there lived an evil queen called Malena. She was cruel, mean and savage. The worst bit was that she sent one baby boy and one baby girl every full moon to be eaten by Arachne! It was a horrible, hideous and dreadful creature. It lived in a deep dark cave. It was half spider half human.

Greta (the hero) was a fearless, brave and bold warrior. One dusty day, she offered to go to slay the nasty beast. The queen was very surprised, she said ” You may… but you shall return with the bones of Arachne to prove that you have killed the beast.” Greta agreed.

On the way she met Prince Jed. He said , “I will lend you my legendary bow and arrow if you pay me ten pounds.”

Greta entered the spooky, eerie and misty cave, through the mist she could see blood dripping from the ceiling, skulls on the floor and webs on the wall. Suddenly, she heard a high hiss, Arachne dropped from the ceiling, Greta backed up. Then she shot the only arrow she had into Arachne’s heart. The monster lay… DEAD! Dead, still and silent. Everything paused…

Then after a few minutes Greta fled from the cave, dashed to the shore and met Prince Jed. She gave him his money and they sailed away living happily ever after.



A super independent write.


On Monday morning, the bears house was robbed.

The bear family were furious, somebody ate their porridge, sat in their chairs and slept in their beds. Baby bear was crying because somebody broke his chair. Daddy bear was furious. Mummy bear was angry.

This evening, Baby bear spoke to a reporter and said ” There was somebody in our house and somebody ate my porridge, broke my chair and slept in our beds. I feel really upset.”

Now the Bear family are asking if anybody sees somebody with blonde hair to call 0800 555 111.


Anaiya 3M

We have chose this work for great detail and excellent language.


Yesterday morning, Red discovered a wolf was in grandma’s bed snoring loudly.

Red of Fairy-Tale Cottage, was left standing horrified after finding a wolf fast asleep in Grandma’s bed, wearing her clothes, when she visited Grandma’s house, yesterday morning.

During the night of the ordeal, Red got consumed by the wolf herself. Whilst in the wolf’s stomach, Red found out that her grandma had been eaten by the wolf.

Meanwhile, a woodcutter passed by. He heard a horrendous snoring sound coming from Grandma’s house. He knew that was not how Grandma snores, so he went inside. He was astonished when he found a wolf sleeping in Grandma’s bed, so he got a pair of scissors and cut the wolf’s tummy open. Grandma and Red jumped out of the wolf’s tummy happily and they put some stones in the wolf’s stomach and hid outside. As the wolf was waking up, he felt pain and then died.

Red went to the radio reporter and she said ” It was the most horrifying experience we ever had. I saw no Grandma and a wolf wearing Grandma’s clothes and his snore was louder than a man’s snore. As a result of the ordeal,  I am scared that another wolf will return.” She said shedding a tear.

“Thankfully, Grandma is hale and hearty.” Said Red. She is pleading for any help finding someone to stop wolves terrorizing people everywhere.


Derrick 3M

Newspaper report

This week we have chosen this piece of work for great use of fronted adverbials.


On Thursday, Red went to Grandma’s cottage and was distressed to find a wolf in Grandma’s bed, with Grandma’s clothes on.

Little Red Riding Hood from Fairy tale Village, was left frozen in fear after her Grandma was nowhere to be found.

During the ordeal, Red was also eaten by the wolf.

This evening, Red spoke to one of our reporters, “It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. I hope the wolf never comes back!” Red said crying in fear.

Now, if police or hunters see any wolves in the area they will kill them as soon as possible.

Ethan 3M


This work has been chosen for great descriptive vocabulary


I slowly fastened the tiny bendy tent. I saw dark shadows on the tent. Outside foxes howled loudly. The blood moon became darker. When will Grendel come?

As night fell, the creature slinked across the smoky cave, zoomed across the deadly moorland and slipped through the mist.

I heard loud murmuring outside and a colossal claw brushed the plastic tent. With a frightful scream, it damaged the plastic tent. An inky black sinister shadow was in the doorway of the tent. My heart was racing, I was froze to the spot.


Pupil in 3M