A super independent write.


On Monday morning, the bears house was robbed.

The bear family were furious, somebody ate their porridge, sat in their chairs and slept in their beds. Baby bear was crying because somebody broke his chair. Daddy bear was furious. Mummy bear was angry.

This evening, Baby bear spoke to a reporter and said ” There was somebody in our house and somebody ate my porridge, broke my chair and slept in our beds. I feel really upset.”

Now the Bear family are asking if anybody sees somebody with blonde hair to call 0800 555 111.


Anaiya 3M

We have chose this work for great detail and excellent language.


Yesterday morning, Red discovered a wolf was in grandma’s bed snoring loudly.

Red of Fairy-Tale Cottage, was left standing horrified after finding a wolf fast asleep in Grandma’s bed, wearing her clothes, when she visited Grandma’s house, yesterday morning.

During the night of the ordeal, Red got consumed by the wolf herself. Whilst in the wolf’s stomach, Red found out that her grandma had been eaten by the wolf.

Meanwhile, a woodcutter passed by. He heard a horrendous snoring sound coming from Grandma’s house. He knew that was not how Grandma snores, so he went inside. He was astonished when he found a wolf sleeping in Grandma’s bed, so he got a pair of scissors and cut the wolf’s tummy open. Grandma and Red jumped out of the wolf’s tummy happily and they put some stones in the wolf’s stomach and hid outside. As the wolf was waking up, he felt pain and then died.

Red went to the radio reporter and she said ” It was the most horrifying experience we ever had. I saw no Grandma and a wolf wearing Grandma’s clothes and his snore was louder than a man’s snore. As a result of the ordeal,¬† I am scared that another wolf will return.” She said shedding a tear.

“Thankfully, Grandma is hale and hearty.” Said Red. She is pleading for any help finding someone to stop wolves terrorizing people everywhere.


Derrick 3M

Newspaper report

This week we have chosen this piece of work for great use of fronted adverbials.


On Thursday, Red went to Grandma’s cottage and was distressed to find a wolf in Grandma’s bed, with Grandma’s clothes on.

Little Red Riding Hood from Fairy tale Village, was left frozen in fear after her Grandma was nowhere to be found.

During the ordeal, Red was also eaten by the wolf.

This evening, Red spoke to one of our reporters, “It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. I hope the wolf never comes back!” Red said crying in fear.

Now, if police or hunters see any wolves in the area they will kill them as soon as possible.

Ethan 3M


This work has been chosen for great descriptive vocabulary


I slowly fastened the tiny bendy tent. I saw dark shadows on the tent. Outside foxes howled loudly. The blood moon became darker. When will Grendel come?

As night fell, the creature slinked across the smoky cave, zoomed across the deadly moorland and slipped through the mist.

I heard loud murmuring outside and a colossal claw brushed the plastic tent. With a frightful scream, it damaged the plastic tent. An inky black sinister shadow was in the doorway of the tent. My heart was racing, I was froze to the spot.


Pupil in 3M


How to be a Viking

This work has been chosen for great use of vocabulary.


Freya the Brave was the wife of Magnus the Magnificent. When Freya strode animals hid, creatures froze and people stared.

Freya the Brave was loyal and a slayer, victorious and powerful.

Freya had never been injured in her whole life! She was so strong she had never lost a battle.


by Anaiya