3D Stop Frame Animations

This half term 3D have been busy creating their own stop frame animation using IMotion. In previous lessons 3D planned out their own stop frame animations.

We have chosen 5 examples of their brilliant work.

Well done all of 3D!

Suspense Story

We closed the old, metal door. The air – conditioning made me cold. My parents went to the shops. My heart dropped to my stomach. How many hours until my parents would get back?

He howled at the moon, leaped across the gloomy meadow and scrapped his talons on the trees.

He scrapped the door with his terrible talons the monster kicked the door down. A big, horrible shadow filled the whole room. I ran up the stairs the monster followed me.

I hid under my blanket, he kicked the door down and threw the blanket away. He got hold of me and opened his mouth!


Written by Seraphina 3D

Suspense Story

We slammed the powerful door. I could hear leaves rustling. My family went to fetch some firewood and food. How many minutes until my family come back?

He leaped across the cave, pounced on tress and trampled around mountains.

He kicked the powerful door open with his huge feet. A deep, dark shadow filled the entire house. I began to hear screams.


Written by Amelia 3D

Suspense Story

We banged the heavy, wooden door. Burning smoke filled my lungs as I stood by the fireplace. My friends left to get a package. I froze in one space. How many hours would it be until my friends get that package?

The werewolf crossed the moorland, passed over a cave and swam in the ocean. The creature was banging with its huge fists at the door. The door swung open, a hairy shadow filled the hallway with a terrible screech the monster was trying to find us.


Written by Halit 3D

Suspense story

We fastened the tiny, soft tent. We heard leaves rustling. Suddenly, my parents fell asleep. My eyes filled with tears. How long do we have until morning?

Silently, the creature sneaked out of it’s cave, passed over the bog and slid through the haze.

I heard him snuffling at the door. Suddenly, he smashed the door open. A big, heavy silhouette filled the tent.

Written by a child in 3D

Suspenseful Story

We fastened the soft tent. A silhouette appeared. My friends fell asleep. My heart was pounding. How many hours would it be until the sun came out?

Quietly, the monster dragged himself out of the cave, crossed the field and crept through the fog.

I heard something stomping and the stomps got louder. With an earpiercing scream, the creature pounced inside.


Radvin 3D

How to take care of a Unicorn

Are you a animal lover? Having a unicorn as a pet is a great experience but you need to know how to take care for it properly. read these top tips on how to care for  your unicorns.


All unicorns love to snooze in fluffy clouds clouds so you have to buy fake clouds that tastes like cotton candy.


Unicorns eat cotton candy, starlight and rainbow watermelons. They like starlight for a treat as well.


All unicorns are gentle, shy, placid and elusive therefore you can play with your unicorn all day long.

Picking the right unicorn for you 

Are you sure you are able to take care of a unicorn? Well the best place to find the right unicorn is rainbow land where every thing is rainbow even the unicorns horns change colour.

Larissa 3D

The Waterfall Trolls

Once upon a time, there was a family of trolls who lived in a cave in Hawaii. If the family of trolls ever went outside for more than ten seconds they would turn into a waterfall! The trolls names were Bob, Pops and Filadophia. In Hawaii they lived in a rather old cave. Inside the cave, they had a lumpy rock bed each, they had a warm fireplace and a rocky sofa.

The trolls stepped outside for fresh air but just then Bob spotted a human about to fall into a river! Bob shouted ” Look! Someone is in danger! Let’s go help him!” But Pops and Filadophia said, “No, because we can’t stay out here for long!” But Bob had already rushed over to help. Pops and Filadophia raced over to make Bob go back inside. But Bob didn’t listen. Pops said “Come on!” We can’t stay out here.” Filadophia said, “fine, me and Pops will go inside without you Bob!”

They both went inside Bob quickly ran to a tree and snapped off a branch, rushed over to the person and threw the branch to the person. The person jumped in terror and ran away. Just then, the tenth second passed and Bob gasped and stiffened. Bob immediately turned to stone.

So you see you should never ignore a warning.


Maddison 3M

A Cave Troll

In the woods, near to the coast, lived a group of trolls, in tunnels below the ground. These tunnels were dark, webby and damp. Water dripped into the tunnels which were like a maze. Moss, insects and blood covered the walls.

In these dark and black tunnels, lived two adventurous trolls, Honeybee and Sugarpie. One glorious summer night, they were having a picnic on the beach.

Unexpectedly, they saw a group of people on the top of the shaky cliff.

“Sugarpie, look, some people are in danger of falling off the cliffs.” Shouted Honeybee.

“How can we help them?” asked Honeybee.

“I have an idea!” shouted Sugarpie.

“How about we use the picnic blanket to catch them as they fall, so that they don’t land on the sharp rocks below.” explained Sugarpie.

They grabbed the blanket and rushed to the rocks just as two people came tumbling down! As the people jumped down from the blanket, the first rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon. It was dawn! You could see the trolls were shocked, as they froze and turned to stone.


Olivia 3M

Voices in the Park

Fifth Voice – Victoria

It was a gloomy day I felt really bored and tired in the same old house. Then my owner called my name and I was ecstatic until I noticed I was going to the same park, for the hundredth time! On the way to the park, it was silent. This place never changes and Charles looked bored out of his mind.

“What on earth are you doing you scruffy dog!” I ran off but it wouldn’t strop chasing me everywhere I went. But then I felt a new feeling I hadn’t felt in ages at it was fun. It looked like Charles was having fun with a new friend too.

After we had fun, I taught him how to sit.

My mom called me. I had to go. I was upset. I hope he’s there next time.

Ethan 3M