My letter about the Gurdwara

Dear Indie,
My name is Khushimran and yesterday I visited the Gurdwara. I just wanted to thank you for taking us all over to the Gurdwara. Can I tell you something? Did you know that when you go to the Gurdwara you can worship your family?
My favourite part was when I went to the dome, because when I saw that crystal I was captivated. I was so shocked when I saw the crystal. I liked going in the prayer room. I had the purshaad and it tasted delicious. It was all beautiful. By the way can I ask you something if you do not mind? How many people live in the Gurdwara?
Yours Sincerely,

4 thoughts on “My letter about the Gurdwara

  1. hi i’m khushi’s sister and i’m proud she has learnt new things about her culture. i’m amazed that she understands more about the Gurdwara well done.

    thank you


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