Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

Today we all had a fabulous time at the Ancient Egyptian Exhibition. Our favourite part was getting to show everybody else all of the fantastic work that we have been doing this half term.

Please let us know which part you enjoyed most or what you learnt during the exhibition.

Thank you to everybody who took part today and for all of the parents who came to visit.

Miss Kirkham and Miss Smith.

3 thoughts on “Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

  1. Wow !! What a fantastic time I had visiting Year 3 super Ancient Egypt Exhibition. Was so impressed to see all your wonderful work and how you used your expert knowledge to answer all those questions. Really enjoyed that it was very interactive and got us all involved. Had great fun with Ibraheem, Aryan and Eithsham writing our names in hieroglyphics (hope I got the spelling right !!).
    Thankyou all Year 3 staff & students, it is great to see you all having so much fun while learning.

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