Incredible Instructions by Khuzaimah

In Literacy we have been learning about instructions. I think that instructions are fantastic because they help you to do things.

This week we have been trying to follow lots of instructions to help us to do and make things but sometimes you can struggle  with them because some instructions are hard to read.

I am going to keep using Persistence power so I can understand the instructions and not struggle.

Have a look at these photos. This is what we have been doing in Literacy.  We have used lots of instructions to do Christmas activities. Here are some of them: making a Christmas Wordsearch, making a big Art Attack and making a 3D snowflake which I think looked really difficult to make but they did a good job with Miss Bass!

I think the instructions were hard but they have helped me to learn what makes a great instructions. I think you should add pictures to your instructions so you can see what things look like.

Which Christmas activity did you do?

Did you find it hard or easy to follow the instructions?

10 thoughts on “Incredible Instructions by Khuzaimah

    • I agree Navandeep! Why don’t you try writing what you have learnt on here about instructions or record it in your Get Talking, Get Learning book!

  1. I understand what instructions are and I think that they are easy to follow. Some instructions are difficult because there are lots of them. It is simply just something that tells you what to do. I have been doing verbal instructions and written instructions in literacy. They are both easy to follow. You need to use these features in written instructions: Time connectives, bossy words and lots of detail. (If you want to make them good). For verbal instructions you just need to make them clear and simple.

  2. When I read instructions and did the
    CHRISTMAS TREE! I thought it will
    be awesome but it was terrific it
    acctualy blowed my socks off
    my feet. I like doing instructions
    because I be really
    bossy and tell every one
    to do nasty things
    ( e.g. clap your hand and cry.)

  3. A fantastic explanation of written and verbal instructions Serena. You are definitely an expert!

    Maybe you could write your own set of instructions to explain how to do something and then post them on the blog to see if we can follow them!

    Keep your posts coming!

    Miss Smith 🙂

  4. Khuzaimah thats absolutely fab. When we do instructions we agree it is incredible like you said. It is fun especially with fun teachers like miss kirkham / miss smith and you are right incrdible i like your word.

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