Christmas Crackers!

During our morning starter activity we wrote some Christmas cracker acrostic poems! Read some examples below to fill yourself with Christmas cheer!


Crazy Christmas

Happy holly

Rudolph running

Incredible laughter

Silly snowman

Twinkling trees

Marvellous money

Amazing angel

Super Santa.

By Serena, Harpreet and Kaylan.


Crazy Christmas

Holly hanging

Rudolph roaring

Incredible dancing

Sensational snowman

Twinkling lights sparkling

Magnificent morning

Astonishing day

Silly Santa singing!

By Iyka.


Crazy cracking crackers

Happy ho, ho, ho

Running rattles

Icy igloos

Snowy Santa

Tickling tinsel

Merry men

Amazing antlers

Slippery sleigh.

By Eleanor.

 Crazy Christmas

Happy helping  Elf

Rudolph running, reallyfast


Snow having an exciting  time

Twinkling shining stars flashing around

Merry Christmas to every one and a happy New Year!

A smooth ride on the sleigh

Start having fun this Christmas

By Alaiah and Alesha

Churches  ring

Hear me

Reindeer in the sky

Incredible  presents

Stars shining

Tinsel bright

Magnificent Christmas tree with glowing baubles

Antartica, freezing cold!

Santa says ‘HO HO HO!’

By Eloise




WOW! I enjoyed reading the acrostic poems! What do you like about them? Let us know!


12 thoughts on “Christmas Crackers!

  1. When we did our morning challenge it was amazing and I liked Serena,Kaylan andd Serena’s acrostic poem because they used lots of ‘wow words’ in their acrostic poem.:)

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