Suprise Visitor From Uganda!!! By:Aaliya

Today was really fun beacuse a head teacher from Uganda came to visit Year 5 and he told us all about the schools there and how they live. The school that he worked in was called the ‘Rock Foundation School’. He told us that they had been collecting money to fix their school and to make improvements,and now it looks fantastic. But somthing that I couldnt belive was that they only had one laptop in the computer room! I mean one computer in the whole school! Also all they could do was send emails to another school that they were in contact with. But overall I think the suprise visit from them was absoloutly fantastic and I am so pleased they came to visit. What did you think of their visit? Did you enjoy it and what parts of it did you enjoy?
I now realise how lucky we are to have the equipment and computers that we have at schools in England.

Ugandan people come to visit. By Udeshpal

Today we had a visit from someone called Pasta Dao.He came all the way from Uganda in Africa. There was also another teacher with him who was also from Uganda as well. It was fantastic! We learnt about the schools that there are in Uganda and we did a carousel of activities. We were in 3 groups. One group was with Pasta Dao, asking him lots of questions. Another group was with Miss daniels and the other group was with the other teacher. Both of these groups got to see lots of photos from the school in Uganda and to ask questions. When we finished those activities then we went to the next group. When we finished doing the activities the visitors had to go so we gave them a round of applause and said thank you. But before they went we asked some questions and we did a prayer because the people in Uganda are very religious so we did a prayer and they left. Today was a phenominal day. Also Pasta Dao told us that he was friends with the presedint of Uganda. Today was brilliant. I hope that they come again sometime…..

Molly The Wizard Overcomes Her Fear!! By Paige

Here is a story I wrote at home:

Today was her birthday she was turning 120 years old, (to witches not very old) but she didn`t now what to do. She called all her friends and they recommended her to go to the seaside, but only because Hollie wanted to get a tan! She keeped thinking, she really did want to go to the seaside….. but she`s petrified of the sea.

“Don`t be afraid of the sea, it can`t hurt you” Rollie told her over the phone.

“I know but… but” muttered Molly in an anxious voice.
“Got to go my shoppings come” yelled Rollie as the Tesco van turned up the drive.

To be continued……

Special visitor from Uganda by Ali

Today two very special visitors came to see year 5. One of them was a headteacher from uganda called Pasta Deo who tought us about Uganda. We were engrossed in all the information Pasta Deo told us. We were surprised that they had about 50 people in each class room. Tere were lots of students but only a small school building. We saw photos of the school and it is very different to our school. We are lucky to have so much equipment and computers. Pasta Deo said there was about 439 people in that school.Did you know they had canes which are used if children are naughty?

Please add a comment with more information.

Our amazing vistior! By Paige

Today we had a vistor from Uganda come in to teach us about Uganda, he is a director for New Rock Foundation Primary School in Kapala. He said that kids go to school at 7:00am – 4,5,6pm (it depends on their year group), also he said that kids wake up early to collect water from neally 2 miles and back. He only comes to England every 4 yrs for 4 weeks. We are very lucky he could come in and teach us about Uganda and there religion, did you know if you are Christan you have to go to church every Sunday otherwise you will get punished by your teacher. In Uganda they use shillings which is a coin, we use to use them in England years ago but know we use pounds and pences. He aslo said that if you didn`t respect your teacher then you will be punished you could either stand in a corner for an 1 hour holding your hands in the air, or you could either go to a room were you would stay for a whole day locked inside a room with only 1 window. We also looked at Miss Daniel when she went to Uganda to go and teach other children. Crime over in Uganda is about the same over here. To finsh off the day we took some photographs of us all so they can see us all over in England at Bearwood Primary School.



David formula 1 expert

Hello my name is David and I am going to talk about F1 testing this week.  F1 testing is when most of the teams  test new parts on the car, test new drivers on the team and also test their new cars.  So far, there  has been 8 days of winter testing  this year. For this season there will be, in season  testing, which has not happened for a long,  long  time. As I was saying  there has been 8 days of testing so far, the top 4 teams have been trying not to  show their speed. So at the first race of the season the slower teams will wonder  how the top teams got this speed when we were faster then them in the testing ? This year there will be ugly front wings, 10 out of 12 teams will have it.  The decision was  after in the 2010 season there was a big accident and the car flew up into the air, also the higher  the front wing the more down force on the straights and the longer the stragihts the faster the car goes. Let me know what you think about the new wings(picture below )and a picture of the 2010 crash see you next week I will be talking about who could be the world champion this sseason. Could it be the two brits,Hamilton or Button?