Bradleys diary by Sawaira.

Dear Diary,

What a day! Mrs Ebbel is getting on my nerves. I was sitting at the back of the class, when a new boy walked through the door. Mrs Ebbel had announced that his name was Jeff Fishkin and that he came from Washington D.C. Mrs Ebbel started looking for a place for him to sit. I was really hoping that he wouldn`t sit next to me. Suddenly Mrs Ebbel said that he could sit next to me. It was the only desk available. Before he sat down Mrs Ebbel asked him if he had been to the Whitehouse before. Jeff mumbled no. Just then two girls sitting on their desks at the front shouted “No one likes sitting next to Bradley.”

Then the bell rang for recess at 10:00. Everybody rushed out to play, but I just walked slowly and sat down on the bench. That’s when Jeff came up to me and said “I don`t mind sitting next to you. I want to be your friend.” All I said was “Give me a dollar or I`ll spit on you.” So Jeff gave me a dollar and ran off. I think he got scared of me. I felt bad so I chased after him. ” Hey! Hey wait up.”You can have your dollar back only if you be my friend.”

Y5 Science. Healthy Heart!

How can we make our hearts healthy?

Watch the clips kids! 

Animal Heart Rates

Human Heart

 Keep a Healthy Heart  by Exercising

For a  Healthy Heart  you need to: