History trail

On Friday 24th May 2013 we had a history trail and we had some parents come in to see our work and they admired our work. We had some comments from parents and they said they were great. Our work was put on display in the hall so the parents can look at it for half and hour. We had to walk around with our parents so they could see our work.

Heroic Jim saves the day

Yesterday Jim Steventon, 32, was awarded the most honnorable and prestigous medal for rescuing Red Riding Hood from a devious, vicious wolf.

Mr Steventon battled the monsterous, deadly beast after hearing an ear peircing scream.

Jim was chopping trees as usual when bhe heard a scream. The scream was coming from a cottage that the wolf had headed to. The woodcutter kicked the door open and ran quickly, straight to the bedroom and grabed Red Riding Hood and her granmother from the jaws of the terrifying beast.

Jim killed the wolf.

” I am proud of my self for saving that innocent girl and of her granmother.”

Jim said

” I did not know what was going on but I did what anyone else would of done, I am just glad that they are safe.”

He added that he felt verry honnored to recieve an award from her majesty Snow White.

The Wolf Slayer by Simran

Yesterday a heroic woodcutter was proudly awarded a shiny, gold medal for his bravery in saving a young girl and her elderly grrandmother from a violent, devious wolf.

Jim Steventon, aged 32, fought the cunning wolf in the grounds of little red riding hoods grandmothers home.

This incident happend on the 2nd of December 2012. Mr Steventon heard a ear splitting shreik, and charged into the cottage.

Banging the door open, he sliced the vicious wolf with his razor, sharp axe.

The woodcutter said “I only did what anyone else would do to protect a little girl and her grandmother”.

Then he added that he felt very proud to be given this medal.

By Simran

Beware Of Fire! By Sian

Beware of my claws,

as thy capture your breath.

Poisoning every spec of air.


I may be bright;

I may make you cough,

but you might not realise I’m there.


I am vigerous,

I smile in the face of danger.

I cough out smoke.


I flow like a stream;

I am as quiet as a whisper.

It is easy for me, to make you choke.


To defeat me,

you need water.

When I am only one flame.


Beware of my claws,

if they capture you breath,

you know there is only me to blame.


Little Red Riding Hood Newspaper. By Sian

The Girl who cried Wolf!

By Sian Dullay

Yesterday, Jim Stevenson was given a prestigious medal, for bravely savingLittle Red Riding Hood and her Grandma from the Big Bad Wolf.

It all started when Mr Stevenson was cutting wood in the Local Wood.
He heard shrill screams in the distance. He carefully approached the scene, therefore witnessing the vicious wolf gobble up Little Red Riding Hood’s Granny. Anxious, curious and nervous, Jim rapidly ran to the wolf, slaughtered it and tied up the ravenous creature. Jim was also able to save granny, although he had to open the wolf’s body to do so.

Mr Stevenson, the Local hero, claimed ” I did what any normal person would do.” The now content Granny commented” It is amazing what you can see in a wolf’s stomach.”

Granny is fully recovered and accordingly she will be staying in her cottage again.