Abdul’s Multisensory Writing, inspired by ‘Rose Blanche’.

I cycled on my bike given to me by my grandfather through the busy lane. People fidgeted with their luggage containing their prized possessions. Other citizens were carrying their babies in hope of keeping their loved ones safe. The fat mayor was honking at a woman ona cart with a young child inside.

Beside me were tanks and soldiers following some evacuees. The smell of the diesel fumes rushed into my nose. The cows smelt like the aroma of a farm yard. The sound of the cows hooves clanking on the ground echoed into my ear. The smell of fear was all around me. Quite far behind was a man struggling to ride his bike with a luggage. The cold breeze almost dropped me on the floor. I was shivering all over. . I could feel my hands slowly slithering of my bike.

Oswin’s Multisensory Description Inspired by ‘Rose Blanche’.

Everyone was panicking and rushing but I had the worst problem. War was coming. I could see the fat Mayor rushing into his car and a women struggling with her luggage. I was looking everywhere along the slippery streets. The icy cobblestones made it hard to walk let alone to run. The city was cramped, full of terrified people, all evacuating the city.

There were hundreds of large, tanks coated in weapons, grinding through the streets. Soldiers were marching across the road.

It’s was a foggy afternoon. A gloomy, murky and ominous wind threatened the streets, like Mother Nature was part of the war itself. The crowd was clearing up and were cheering up but inside, they were still threatened. I could see more of the streets, but this was the last time I saw my home town.

There were no more soldiers or tanks although the fat mayor was still in his car waiting impatiently for his driver to come. The smell was back. I was looking everywhere to find my daughter and that was my problem apart from the horror of war. There were no people in the shops, houses or cafes. Everyone was leaving, all terrified. I needed to look everywhere for her; my daughter.

A feeling came through the town sending a warning. Germany had lost the war.

Amaya’s Multisensory Description Inspired by ‘Rose Blanche’.

The clatter of cows’ hooves echoed on the uneven cobblestones, as
a farmer herded two heifers down the busy streets. The crowded
streets were full of: cattle, towns folk, bicycles, children, cars and carts. The invasion of diesel fumes mixed with panic and fear in the air. In front of me I could see the potbellied mayor honking his car horn at a innocent woman with a cart.

People bustled and jostled in their panic to escape the advancing
soldiers. As I pushed my heavy cart, fearful people with children in
arms, pushed past me. Children were so terrified, you could smell
their fear. From a distance, I could hear tanks and lorries roaming
the town. I saw a weak woman searching frantically for her beloved
child. I was surrounded by the sounds of tears and despair. I felt the wind push me back like it didn’t want me to leave. As I was pushing my cart, I caught a glimpse of a weak, old woman carrying a child on her waist.

Zane’s Multisensory Description Inspired by ‘Rose Blanche’

As I rode my archaic bike I heaved my weighty luggage. The towns folk hurried as the soldiers were approaching the humble town. The smell of diesel fumes invaded the air as it merged with the smell of fear. The fat mayor beeped his horn as a hopeless lady rode her cart. Walking slowly the injured soldiers sauntered through the crowded street.

The Heffers’ hooves clanged against the battered cobblestones. In the distance, there was a frantic lady wearing a black, leather jacket searching for her little girl. The people of the town began to shout at each other. The chaos was building up.

Carts were screeching against the floor. The sound of tanks echoed around the town. Families hugged each other as some were waving goodbye. I trembled as I watched all this around me. Houses were empty and not a soul went in or came out. There was no sign of hope.

The rumbling of the allies’ tanks began to be louder then before. People were now beginning to become desperate. Widows were carrying their babies. The tired horses trundled along the street as they were pulling heavy loads.

The winter breeze moaned against the people and told them a sad, simple message. Germany had lost the war.