Many centuries ago there was a peaceful village where everyone lived in peace and harmony. However next to the wonderful village was a forest which was dominated by bloodthirsty bears.

When midnight struck the bears would invade the village and start to destroy the crops and kill the innocent farm animals. In the morning when the villagers saw what happened they had no choice but to steal from the other village that was not that far away because otherwise they would starve. It was chaos without food.

An eight year old boy named Sheamus was distraught about these nightly attacks so he decided to sneakily run away and disappear into the mountains. Sheamus was a cheerful, jolly boy. But he can be vicious and aggrieve when he needs to be. 

 One day later Sheamus visited a wise, magical wizard. He begged the wizard for powers to stop the bears from eating the villager’s food and the wizard said “Yes, but only if you get my spell book from the evil Ice king with magical powers.”

“Where is the King?” asked Sheamus.

“He lives right up that mountain” the wizard said as he pointed to a vast, gigantic mountain miles into the distance.

“But beware of falling rocks!’’ Warned the wizards as Sheamus turned to begin his quest.

“Whatever it takes!” said Sheamus as he marched out of the room.

“Wait! Take some food with you” suggested the Wizard

“Thanks” said Sheamus as he left the wizards palace. He stared at the mountain. Then without saying a word he slowly began to climb. He was making quick progress. But then suddenly rocks began to fall from the top of the mountains just as the Wizard had warned. Sheamus dodged most of them, but one enormous rock fell off the mountain nearly knocking him away from the rock face. Sheamus stared at it as it tumbled and bounced below him feeling relieved that he had survived. Then he took a deep breath and continued with his climb. “This is going to be tricky” Sheamus said to himself.

  Sheamus kept climbing until it was sunset. When it was twilight he stopped climbing and found a hole in the mountain. Sheamus stared in the hole and saw a wizard.

“This must be the evil wizard” whispered Sheamus. Sheamus decided to sneak up on the wizard and try to steal the evil wizards spell book. He timidly walked into the hole. He cautiously took the spell book and ran away. But just before he left the hole the wizard stopped him.

“Hello, I am the ice king.” Said the wizard politely.

But Sheamus knew it was only an act. “Bye” Said Sheamus as he tumbled down the mountain on his way back to the palace.

”I`ve got the spell book!” Said Sheamus proudly.

“Thank you! Now I would give a whole load of powers including impossible Strength.” Said the wizard.

“Now go home and defeat the bears.” Said the wizard. So Sheamus dashed back to the village in order to stop the bears. He saw the bears, they were about to eat the farm animals. So Sheamus quickly dashed at the bears and punched one as hard as he could. The bears got angry and rapidly charged at Sheamus but he started to throw fire balls at them. But some of the bears were still alive and started the bite Sheamus but he turned his hand into a hammer and whacked them to finish them off. The other bears were terrified of Sheamus so they quickly ran back to the forest. The villagers cheered and carried him around the village. A few days later Sheamus was in his amazing castle. He swiftly ran to the King and told him that the village should be called Bearwood because it was invaded by bears. The king said it was a great idea and changed the name to Bearwood. 

by Joshan


Ismail’s legend about Bearwood

Have you ever wondered how Bearwood got its name?Well this story will answer it.

Many centuries ago there was a town called Toketab. In that town there were farms,markets and other things.  It was ever so peaceful,no fighting, no squabbling basically no ill feelings towards man or any creature. Next to that town there was an enchanted forest with bears which ate the farmers cows and chickens. The people were too scared to fight the bears.

There was a man wih black hair and blue eyes and his name is Fire. He always puts a hood on to hide his identity. He has a bow and arrow with 2 swords, a chain with an axe at both of the sides and 2 daggers.

Then the farmers got angry that the the bears were eating their animals so they banded toghether to get rid of the bears. So they got axes and chain saws to destroy the trees. They all chanted kill the bear.

The bears heard about this and they woke up the biggest bear and started drinking potions, they were turning into dangeous,vicious animals. Even the biggest did this and they started destroying the town.

When Fire heard about it he went to the people who saw the the monster bears and said what did they look like then the people told him. Therefore Fire set on a quest  with his weapons and a horse to the enchanted forest.

Eventually, When he arrived at the forest he kept himself very alert. With his 2 swords he kept an eye on the forest in case of more attacks. Suddenly 1 of the monster bears leapt towards him with razor sharp claws from the dark part of the tree area, so Fire quickly turned around, using his recently sharpened sword he stabbed him in the heart. Looking around he saw a whole lot of monster bears heading towards him so he cut down some trees.

Then he stepped of the horse and saw the most destructive,toughest monster bear break through the broken trees. So his horse ran away while Fire was dead in his tracks. The big bear had 3 dragon heads, a pair of griffin wings, T-rex stripes. He also has dragon spikes and legs. He could shoot fire balls and fire tornados and as well as that  fire beams. To kill him you need to stab his red core what is protected by a lock. He has a tail which at the end has a ball with spikes on. So Fire got his sword and started attacking him. Then Fire got hit by the spiky tail then he thought of the town and then got his sword. Then with all his might he broke the lock and stabbed the red core. Then he said this towns name is forever more going to be called Bearwood. Then the entire town had a feast. Then everyone said to Fire why dont you take of your hood. Because your a hero now. Then Fire took his hood of to how his identity. That is the end of the bearwood legend.b

Space Facts

Did you know that:

  • The Sun is over 300000 times larger than Earth

  • Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with a surface temperture of over 450 degrees.

  • The solar system formed over4.6 billion years ago.

  • The moon appears to have more craters and scars than Earth because it has less natural activity going on, while the Earth is constantly reforming its surface through rain, earthquakes, wind and plants growing on the surface, while the moon has very little weatherto alter its apperance.

  • Footprints and tyre tracks on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow it away.

  • Because of lower gravity, a person who weighs 100kg on Earth would only weigh 38kg on the surface of Mars.

  • Saturn isn’t the only the ringed planet, other gas giants such as Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings, they are just less obvious.

My stars information by Valerie



Did you know:

Stars form pattern in the night sky. These are called constellations.  Astronomers have given each constellations a name so that they can tell the stars apart. Stars are made in swirling clouds called nebulae,  These nebuale consist of gas and dust which from spinning balls. When these young stars heat us they began to shine producing wonderfull colors.



Inter-galactic Space advert by Jujhaar ,Hermandeep and Ismail

This is a space advert by Hermandeep Jujhaar and Ismail

We did this because we received  an email from NASA saying that as early as next year NASA will be sending rockets to other newly discovered planets. Everyone felt really excited to receive this email. NASA said we had been invited to enter a competition to make a persuasive advert to encourage people to buy tickets into space. We have worked really hard since then and here is my group’s advert.

I feel very proud of myself that I have created this advert with my team but we didn’t need any help to use the mac books from a teacher at all! We chose to use iMovie and add pictures and a voiceover, aswell as music. We also wrote the script. We just had some help to make our writing more persuasive.

More adverts from other teams will follow tomorrow as they are finished and edited by the children.

Aaliya, Simran and Sidra- Space competition

On Monday Mrs Devaney told us that she had received an important message from NASA telling us that the scientist had seen our blog and thought the writing on it was amazing. So the scientist told us that he had entered us for a competition where we had to write a travel brochure telling people how amazing the new planet we discovered was. For the last two days we have been improving our descriptions so it would be really persuasive. Also this morning Mrs Devaney told us that today we could have a choice of what we would like to do today and how we would present our ideas so some children decided to write a plan of the brochure then record it and others decided to do a written poster type advert. Everybody really enjoyed it and they would like to do it again. This week so far was really enjoyable for everyone and we had a great day!


Aaliya Sidra Simran brochure

Video cproduced by Ashley Brown (@arctic_sunrise)

Our ‘Out Of This World’ Project

For this project, we are working in topic teams  and we had to pick a job out of team leader, time keeper,  Quality control, team rep and resource manager.

We then had 15 points between our group to pick out what we wanted to do from  a  selection of tasks. The tasks were to;  make a rap, design a logo, make a stop animation, make a horrible histories documentary, make a 3-D rocket, make a picture of your planet out of chalk, write a letter to the prime minister, make a charity appeal on the mac, present infomation in your kind of style and make a little holiday village. Or we could suggest our own ideas and as long as we could justify it then we could do it! The tasks varied from 3 points to 8 depending on what challenge the task was.  You can also get points by working collaboratively, quality of work and creativity.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress. We will keep you updated and show you our final projects at the end of the week.



My Homework. By Udeshpal

 What is a Lunar Month?

A lunar month is the time the moon takes to pass through a complete cycle of it’s phases and is measured from New Moon to New Moon. A lunar month is about 29.5 days (29 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds)

Why is a Lunar month (29.5 days) longer than the number of days it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth (27 )?

Whilst the Moon is orbiting the Earth, the Earth is constantly moving because it is orbiting the sun. The Moon therefore travels slightly more than 360° to get from one new moon to the next. Thus the lunar month is longer.

How fast does the Moon travel around the Earth?

The moon orbits Earth at an avaerage speed of 2,288 miles per hour (3,683 kilometres per hour).

The Moon travels at different speeds during different parts of its orbit. It moves slowest when it is at furthest distance from Earth. The Moon moves fastest in its orbit when it is closest to Earth.

What distance does the Moon travel around the Earth?

The Moon travels a distance of 1,423,000 miles (2,290,000 kilometres) around the Earth

Did you know:

That the Moon has a diameter of 2,000 miles ( 3,476 kilometres).

The surface of the Moon has about the same area as the continent of Africa.

Did you know:

That The surface of the moon has many things on it such as craters, lava plains, mountains, and valleys.

 Scientists believe the craters were formed around 3.5 to 4.5 billion years ago by meteors hitting the moon’s surface.

Those are my facts about the moon. Please Comment and tell me what you think of them!






My homework by Karolina

All about the moon:

The moon orbits the earth every 27.3 days. The moon takes about 27 days to go around the Earth and return to its starting position. The moon is 4.5 billion years old. Which direction does the moon travel around the Earth?  Looking down from the north pole we would see the moon orbiting counterclockwise from west to east.The Moon is about 250,000 miles  from Earth. The moon travels a distance of 1,423,000 miles  around the Earth. There is no wind or weather on the moon. The Moon has no atmosphere. Water was discovered on the moon in November 2009. The moon reflects light from the sun. If the Sun wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be able to see the moon. We always see the same side of the moon. The Moon always keeps the same side pointing towards us so we can never see the back of the Moon from the Earth.The only month that can occur without a full moon is February.