Edgmond Hall

Edgmond Hall was a very fun place! There was lots to do and all of the staff were very very nice. I quite liked the zip wire.  I loved pond-dipping, climbing up the Wrekin, sketching at Lilleshall Hall and I absolutely loved the campfire. All the songs were very funny like the Lady Gaga one and the fire was gigantic. Thank you to all of the teachers who planned this awesome trip, Edgmond Hall will be a place I will never forget!!!

Edgmond Hall

Hi everyone,

Just a few things to remember for Monday!

Come to school at normal time, not in school uniform.

You’ll need your suitcase and a rucksack.
Your suitcase will have your clothes, toiletries and towels in.
Your rucksack will need your coat, torch, wellies and any snacks you are bringing. Please remember, nothing with nuts in.

Medicines will need to be clearly labelled with your name and dosage required.

Money, no more than five pounds, in a named envelope, purse or wallet.

These will need to be handed in to the staff on Monday morning. No medicines should be left in your suitcase at all.

Please remember, no phones or handheld electronic games.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mr M