Year 5 ‘s visit from the firefighters. By simran

Today 5m and 5d had some very special guests come to our school. They were fire figters. they taught us some very inportant things like how you should have lots of smoke alarms in you house so you know if there is a fire in the day or the middle of the night and how to keep safe if there really is a fire. They also told us about 999 calls and when to call 999, they told us about fire hazards and we looked at a picture and we had to be fire detectives and spot all the fire hazards and where you should keep a smoke alarm.
There was 4 diffrent officers and we had to rotate aroun so we could have a chat with each one and they also told us the diffren things.
And that was our day and everyone enjoyed it!

We had to rotate around the class to each   firefighter, they all talked about different scenarios.

Take a look at our pictures from today.


Fire Service Visits Y5!

Here are some pictures taken from todays session with the West Midlands Fire Service.

We worked in groups with the Firemen on scenarios about Road Safety, Hoax Calls, House Fires,  and Prevention of House Fires, we even used fake mobiles to pretend we were the emergency service call centre.

David’s Formula One news

Hello my name is David. I am going to talk though all the races in Formula one. The first race is the Australan grand prix. Usually there are twenty races but this year there is only nineteen races because in Barain the race was canceled because the people were going crazy and they famous drivers were worried they might get kidnapped. Just like in 2010 jenson button almost got kidnapped but he is still alive now. The Mclaren mp4 in brazil their were two men behind him then they had both of the two guns. Behind them in jenson button head but the driver hew was driving stopped them from shooting him in the head and they were in jail for. Two years. In 2011 there cars even got faster and faster. At the back of the car rear wing by gearbox there was a flap at crates downforce it was called……. Drs and there was and other boost button on the formula one steering wheel.It was the same thing but a bit different when you brake on the formula one car. The power on the disc brakes goes to the battery. The battery is very big so when it is very hot it can sometimes over heat and the battery can get on fire and you have to jump out the car and get fire extuinguisherr to put it out!

Y5 have a visit from a Surgeon by Ali & Zoe

Today 5M & 5D had a super special surprise!. A visitor who was Mrs. Devaney’s cousin came to visit but she’s also a surgeon!

Mostly 5M asked her all the questions the most but Mrs. Devaney had some questions too. She told us all the facts about Doctors and she even told us about herself and how she trained. She’s been In University for 5 years can you believe that? It was really fascinating and amusing we asked lots of curiosity questions like:
Do all doctors have te same training?
What causes cancer?
What cures Cancer?
Why don’t doctors get sick all of the time from being close to sick people?
If you drink some poisonous liquids what is the white froth that comes out our mouth?
And what causes a fit?
We learnt that Doctors don’t need to wear a uniform in every hospital they can wear own clothes.
We also learnt it takes 5 hardworking years at university to be a doctor.
What did you learn?