Shake,Rattle,and Roll.

Next year in year 5 our topic is Shake Rattle and Roll.Over the holidays
watch the videos and have a go at the hand jive.

Instructions for the hand jive
Step 1
Remember that each movement in this dance is doubled. Each step learned will be done twice in rapid-fire succession.
Step 2
Begin the dance by slapping open palms on the tops of the thighs two times. As this dance is hardly demanding, it can be done while sitting down or standing up.
Step 3
Follow the first step by clapping your hands twice.
Step 4
Put your hands out with the palms facing down. Wave the right hand over the top of the left hand twice in a row. Switch hands and wave the left over the right twice in a row.
Step 5
Make a fist with each hand with the thumbs facing each other. Take the right fist and tap the top of the left fist twice in a row. Switch hands and tap the right fist with the left twice.
Step 6
Make a hitchhiking gesture with your right hand, jerking the thumb over the right shoulder twice in a row. Do the same thing with your left hand.
Step 7
Repeat until the song is over.






Have a great holiday stay safe and see you in September.


how tall is the door into the classroom is…
the distance from one end of the playground to the other is…
how tall you are…
how tall your parents are…

Which unit of measurement will you use?

Have a look at our photos of using tape measures to measure the distance we could throw a coit. What is Nahum showing us?

Sam Learning

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Just to let you know I’ve assigned some homework on Triangles and vocabulary for you all to do in Sam Learning. The deadline is next Friday! Spread the word to all of your friends to let them know too!