Kensuke’s Kingdom, What a book!! Goal Scorers

Dear diary,

Today I am going to Fareham. To see some surprise, well, that’s what dad says. Finally, we got out of the train, dad was there, bright eyed and filled with laughter. He took us where we had to go. I was confused because all we could see was sparkling, glistening, and fresh water. But then dad shouted, “-Meet my new friend Peggy Sue.” Then I looked at mom she was confused just like me. After dad explained to me and mom we weren’t confused anymore. WE WERE GOING AROUND THE WORLD! I was really excited because we might have been the first family to go around the world in our area and just think we will see all the countries. Everyone was excited. This was a lifetime opportunity. So I had to go. This is going to be a challenging adventure!  

See you later,  Aniq


I think Kensuke’s Kingdom would have a,

Sky which shimmers golden like a medal,

Water which sparkles like stars in the night sky.

Trees which are greener than any other green tree,

Sand which is as white as snow.

Monica  Y5


“Where am I?” He said to himself as he slowly opened his eyes. Silence was the only thing I could hear. Anxiously, the man stood up, he crept across the room to reach the ominous looking handle. The cold air grabbed his skin like a ghost in the dark. Finally, he could feel the handle, he opened the door and a vivid light flashed in the hallway. He could now properly see his room it was damaged, damp and dusty, like a bone in a dead body.

Frantically, he crept across the hallway “ Warning, danger, do not enter.” Said the signs that were splattered across the deep, black walls. What would you think to yourself if you were in this problematic journey? “ GO DO IT.” Begged a voice in his head! “ Go now it is your only chance.”

He turned around sprinting he could almost reach the door. BANG! He  was dead…



Our ‘Out Of This World’ Project

For this project, we are working in topic teams  and we had to pick a job out of team leader, time keeper,  Quality control, team rep and resource manager.

We then had 15 points between our group to pick out what we wanted to do from  a  selection of tasks. The tasks were to;  make a rap, design a logo, make a stop animation, make a horrible histories documentary, make a 3-D rocket, make a picture of your planet out of chalk, write a letter to the prime minister, make a charity appeal on the mac, present infomation in your kind of style and make a little holiday village. Or we could suggest our own ideas and as long as we could justify it then we could do it! The tasks varied from 3 points to 8 depending on what challenge the task was.  You can also get points by working collaboratively, quality of work and creativity.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress. We will keep you updated and show you our final projects at the end of the week.




How Bearwood Got Its Name.

Many centuries ago, a vicious bear, whose names was King Gregory, ruled the land. He had sharp, jaggered claws which he used to scratch out his servant eyes if they disobeyed him or did something wrong. Nobody liked King Gregory, especially Martin Smith. Martin was like a hero in Birmingham since he would fight evil. Martin Smith hated King Gregory for who he was since he was cruel to everyone and he hated everyone. He just couldn’t stand him.

One day Martin was in the barbers, having a haircut. As he looked out the window he saw the king fighting with a peasant. Martin did not like this so he barged outside wanting to teach the king a lesson. He walked up to him, knuckles clenched, anger in his veins and his face red with fury. Whilst his knuckles were clenched, he lifted his hands towards the king’s face with his face even furious than before. His hand was a centimeter away from the king’s face but he stopped to the call of someone’s voice. He looked over his shoulder. It was his brother, Luke. “Don’t Martin. Don’t punch him.” He said. Martin was confused. What was he saying?

“Martin, what you were about to do I’ve tried it before and it did not end up good.” Luke pulled up his sleeve. Martin was shocked at what he saw.

Luke had a gigantic cut full with blood and dirt sat on his arm by his shoulder. He pulled his sleeve back down. “I challenged the king to a fight but I lost.” He said glumly. Martin wanted to make Luke feel better. Suddenly, an idea popped in his brain. He was going to challenge the king to a joust. He knew that he was going to win for sure.

The next day was Saturday, the day of joust. Martin woke up and looked out the window. He thought it would be a bright, sunny morning but it wasn’t. Rain was drizzling down the window.

“It’s the day of the joust and it’s raining like mad. What am I going to do?” Upsetting thoughts about the joust drifted into his brain. His cheerful smile turned into a frown.

 Meanwhile, the king was cackling away. He thought that since it was raining, the joust would move to another day, making him have more time to practice so that he would win the joust. “It’s raining cats and dogs outside. There’s absolutely no way that the joust will be on. Martin might be feeling ever so sad but I’m feeling ever so happy!”

A couple hours later, it was still raining but more heavily.


Martin was sitting on his bed. “I don’t want to end the joust. I’ve been training so hard since last night. Anyway as they say in the theatres, ‘the show must go on’ so it will even if it is raining.” Martin got dressed in his metal amour suit even though the joust wasn’t till 4 o’clock.


After he was dressed, he walked downstairs nervously to have a hot cup of tea. As he picked up his tea, his lips were trembling and he was wobbling like jelly which made his tea spill on the kitchen floor. “I’m shaking and trembling right now but how am I going to feel when I’m actually fighting?” He asked himself worriedly. His heart sunk deep into sadness.


After a while, it was 4 o’clock, the time of the joust. So Martin made his way to Warley Woods, where they were going to fight. He waited and waited in the rain till half past 4, however the king did not show up. “Where’s the king? I told him to meet me here at 4 o’clock. Everybody’s waiting for him.” Martin was getting anxious thinking that the king wouldn’t show up. He sat down on the fresh grass feeling bored and tired of waiting. Just at that moment the king came galloping on his horse. The king was wearing a black cloak and his sparkling, exquisite crown with intricate, embellished patterns detailed all over. As he came galloping in on his white horse, Martin stood up. “You’ve finally come. Now let’s start the game.” Martin shouted to the king with a grin on his face. Martin sat on his horse.

“Ready, steady, go!” shouted the jouster. They both raced like cheetahs towards each other. They pulled out their shiny, handcrafted swords and held them by their side. As they came nearer and nearer, Martin aimed to the kings head. He missed. Since he only had one go, he did not be put off. They raced again.


This time it was the kings turn. He held his sword in his hand. As they came closer the king tried to jab Martin in the stomach but he jabbed his hand instead. The blood was dripping down, oozing from his hand. “Ha, ha, ha!” The king cackled proudly. A tear cascaded down Martins face. He wiped the tear off his face gently, trying to be brave.

“3 minutes left!” shouted the jouster. This was the last round. Who was going to win? King Gregory or Martin Smith?

The jouster announced go and the last round began. This was the final moment. They galloped towards each other and pointed their swords to each other’s faces. The king swung the sword to Martin but he ducked his face so the king missed. Martin swung the sword. What a shot! The king fell off his horse and dropped to the ground. “And Martin Smith is the winner!” The king was devastated, but Martin was in high spirits. “Well done Martin.” Said his brother cheerfully. They both hugged each other. The king was lying down on the grass in agony and pain. “You’ve defeated me. How could you? I’ve never done anything to you.”

“Yes that’s right. You have not done anything to me but to my friends you have which hurt me a lot.” The king went away to his palace to collect his things. He wanted to move to the country side to start a new life and everyone agreed that he should. Martin was now known as a real hero in the town. Since the king left, Martin made the palace into a museum and named it ‘Bearwood’ because the king lived there and was a bear and because the museum was made out of wood.

So that is the story of how Bearwood got its name.

Literacy! Directed and Reported Speech.

In literacy we have been learning about directed and reported speech as a starter before learning about news reports. We have looked at how to change direct speech into reported and reported into directed speech.

Here are some examples of different speeches.

1) ” The costa concordia was tilting to the side unexpectedly!” screamed Amy, a passenger on board.

2) One of the waiters on board the costa concordia has claimned that when the ship started to sink the captain was no were to be seen.

Can you change these sentences into a different type of speech ( for example if sentence one was reported speech turn it into direct speech)?

Can you come up with your own sentences and post them as a comment?

Archaeologists dig at Bearwood by Noorulain and Zara

Today both year 5 classes were digging at Calthorpe Haven. We had an adventurous time. We found many different ancient items like bottles, bones, bracelets, glass, old pieces of brass and pieces of gold.

We were very excited and we didnt know these items existed over at Calthorpe, they may have been buried many years ago. We had to dig very deep to find different things. It was ever so interesting and we can’t wait to learn about the history behind Calthorpe Haven. What else do you think we might find?

Have a look at us enjoying our Dig.

Mrs Reniff’s Account of the night when The Titanic sank!

Mrs Reniff a survivor from the Titanic gave her account of what actually happened on that fateful night.

Wow! when I read this I thought how brave were you to have gone through everything that you had and still come out helping others,  not knowing if your family had survived. What must have been going through your mind? How did you feel?

This is what I would have asked Mrs Reniff if she was alive today!

When you read this and understand what she went through, what sort of questions would you have asked her?

Mrs. Reniff’s story

“I had just gone below when the crash came.  It must have been just after 11 o’clock, as all of the women are ordered off the deck at that time and I had been on the port side of the boat talking to my husband and brothers.  It was a beautiful, clear night, the stars appearing like glittering steel points against the dark sky.  When the watch ordered women off the decks, I went down into my stateroom and I was partially undressed when the collision occurred.  The shock was awful.  Not fully realizing what had happened, I was dressing myself again when my husband and brothers burst into the cabin. 

“They had been in the smoking room, and had seen the iceberg as it bore away from the vessel and told me to dress hurriedly although they thought there was little danger.  Nearly all of the passengers though that the Titanic could not sink.  Some of them took the collision as a joke and others were annoyed at the jouncing which they had received.  My husband and brothers, who were fully dressed, helped me to put on my wraps and hurried me to the deck.

“There for the first time the passengers saw their peril and the utmost confusion prevailed.  People were hurrying back and forth.  Orders were being shouted in all directions and the crew was busy, getting ready to launch the lifeboats.  The first and second class passengers were calm in the face of the disaster but when the steerage passengers burst up from below, the scramble for places in the boats and the bedlam of noise was awful.  I saw no flagrant instances of cowardice.  Everyone was terribly excited and people forgot everything but their eagerness to get off the sinking ship.  It was trembling from stem to stern.  The foreigners from the steerage were like animals, but an officer with a revolver stood by every boat and ordered the women to go first.

Husband Helped Save Her

“The boats filled up rapidly, and cast off.  I was in one of the last boats.  My husband pushed me forward and he was standing there on the deck as the lifeboat went over the side.  Rocket after rocket was shot from the deck of the Titanic.

“For a few minutes the boats were grouped together near the sinking ship while the officers watched the last loads of passengers come over the side. 

“The crowd was just starting to settle when the last boat went into the water.  The halyard of one of the dories snapped as it was being lowered and the boat with its load of passengers fell fifteen or twenty feet into the water.  It landed right side up and I do not think that any of the passengers went overboard.

Screams of Lost Frightful

Just as the boats were leaving the side of the steamer the chief steward of the second class cabin jumped off the Titanic into one of them.  The impact nearly capsized the boat but it righted itself.  The steward was allowed to remain in it.  The big boat could be plainly seen.  She parted in the middle.   There was an awful roar followed by violent explosions.  The whole steamer seemed to rock and steady herself for the final plunge.  Then she went down.  The screams of those who had been left on board were frightful.  I shall hear them to my dying day.

“I remember hardly anything after the sinking of the ship.  We floated around for hours, it seemed.  It was bitterly cold and all of the passengers in our boat suffered.  I do not know how many there were.  I think that they all survived.  I remember hearing someone say that several men had been shot by the officers while trying to escape with the women and children, but I saw no acts of violence.  We suffered horribly.  Although the sea was smooth waves broke frequently over our boat and we were drenched through.  Some of the women were scantily clothed.

Man Dead on Raft

“I remember that we picked up a life raft a great distance from where the Titanic sank.  There was one man on it.  He was dead.  I do not remember what they did with his body.  I seemed to be dazed and forgot everything else that happened until we sighted the Carpathia.  The I fainted and awoke to find myself on board her.

“I was dreadfully cold and was confined to a berth on the Cunard liner until we landed.  There were two doctors on board and they did great work.  It was a frightful experience and the only wonder of it is that so many escaped alive.  The seamen kept up their spirits.  One of them told me that when the Titanic sank he was drawn down into one of the funnels and that he was shot out again when the air rushed from the ship.  He said that he swam sixteen miles before he was picked up.

“I did not see the captain of the Titanic after the collision nor had I seen him during the evening.  The officers and men performed their work nobly and only praise can be given them.”

Unlucky or Lucky?

Violet Jessop, an ocean liner stewardess and a nurse was one of the survivors of the Titanic. She is also well known for surviving the Britannic in 1916, the sister ship to Titanic. Violet also survived an earlier fiasco in 1911, when she was aboard the RMS Olympic, when it collided with another ship, HMS Hawke. She passed away on May 5, 1971 of congestive heart failure

violet jessop

Was she one of the unluckiest or luckiest people to survive so many disasters?

Rocks And Soils. By Zara

This is my homework:


Igneous Rock Facts

There are over 700 different types of igneous rocks.
Magma can be forced into rocks, blown out in volcanic explosions or forced to the surface as lava.
Here are some examples of igneous rocks

This is a Igneous Rock:


Do soils come in different colours?

Yes, Soils do come in different colours. They don’t come in rainbow colours they come in black, yellow, white, brown and grey.

What does the weather do to soil?

Whether you believe it or not, weather helps make soil. When the weather gets hot, rocks can get bigger. When the weather turns cold, rocks can get smaller. If this happens often enough, the rock will crack and break up into small pieces that break into even smaller pieces. When they get really small they turn into soil. Rain and ice can also get into rocks and break them apart. So, believe me, the weather does help make soil.

How does water stay in the soil?

When water gets into the soil, it pours into pores. Pores are spaces in the soil that come in different sizes. The bigger the pore, the more water it holds.

How does air get into the soil?

Air gets down into the soil through the same pores that let in and hold water.

Do roots just help plants?

Roots love helping others. They drain water from the soil. That keeps the soil from staying too wet. And when the soil gets too dry, roots draw up water. This water has all kinds of good stuff in it that living things need to stay healthy. Roots help make soil, too. They split rocks into pieces that later become soil.

I hope you learnt something about rocks and soils.